Origin of Bitcoin and Ethereum Logos Show Wildly Different ...

ZYPHR. Read before going to bed.

Here’s an interesting one that isn't really permitted to talk about on Reddit. The only other topics that are about the same taboo are Palau and the Ocean Society. That's for another day.
Also, I am not suicidal.
If you haven’t read my last article and this one, make sure you do on my blog (find it yourself, since my link is automatically triggering a shadowban or a sort of downvote by bots. I got deleted from Reddit a month ago too!), before or after you read this one. The hyperlinks are lost here, so I recommend you visit the original post.
You might get a little bit lost if you read this one first but by all means, go ahead.
David Goldberg was a whistleblower that shared with us a year ago the Globalist Agenda for the extermination of the American people between 2020-2025.
Here is what he said in mid-2019 that came true in 2020:
That’s 7 predictions that came true in 2020... From 2018 or 2019. Too close for comfort.
What he predicted for the end of 2020 and 2021:
What he got wrong:
Agenda 21 was always about 2021, to lay the path of their utopia technocrat world post-2030. Ann Bressington was right in 2012. Max Spiers was right in 2015. Phil Schneider was right in the late 90s/early 2000s. Will Dave Golberg be proven right?
If they could kill thousands of people on 9/11, and millions indirectly through a war that should have never happened in the first place, they can and will kill millions again. Their goal is their extermination of the white people of North America or something like that. Deagel forecasts a 70% population reduction before 2025 in the US (again, I go in deep on that on the website that shall not be named –hint: the most beautiful world, article flatten the curve 53 and 54). It does not say that they will die, but rather that they will “move” somewhere. However, no other countries show a huge migration of people. Therefore, maybe David Goldberg was right when he said that they would be moving into a deep underground military installation.
There is a dark agenda at play folks. I hope that I am wrong, but so far, seeing that Canada is building an internment camp for 2021 (going viral in the news at this moment), that the UK and Australia are going full 1984, the writing is on the wall.
We call all wish for a better day. We are at war at multiple fronts: against the communist taking over the world, against the force of darkness itself, and against the zombies around us, willing to call the cops if we disobey.
We are in a zombie apocalypse. Look around you. People wearing a mask for disease less infectious than the common flu. People willing to surrender their rights for that! Zombies and drones will be the one coercing us into concentration camps, make no mistake.
If you got time and money and are free, consider moving to Malta or Georgia (the country, not the state). Mexico, Brazil is a good place to “lose” yourself in the crowd. Do not go to Chile or Argentina or any western European country, albeit Austria, Switzerland, and Germany might be a safer place to be than it appears.
I hope David was wrong. But he hit the nail damn on the head, you know. His source was right about the passport revocation thing TO THE DAY, and that, a year early. Okay, the US did not revoke patriot’s passport, but more or less the same by canceling the ability to get a new one. He also said that Americans won’t be able to come to Canada, which has been true since March 2020.
Everybody would have dismissed the poor guy a year ago. It sounded crazy, right? But now, 17 months after he blew the whistle (and got killed for doing so), it doesn’t sound so crazy, doesn’t? After all, a Mossad agent was in charge of simulating a power blackout after the election (or during), in November 2019, to prepare for November 2020. Wherever Mossad agents are, you know they are up to no good.
The man that predicted that Trump was going to be claimed “the king of Israel”, that Americans won’t be able to come to Canada, that a flu-like pandemic will confine everybody home in an international lockdown, the man that did say that passport would be suspended on April 4, 2020, that man… was right. We are talking about 6-7 big points, absolutely crazy and unbelievable simply 8 months ago… that were found to be true and accurate. Will he be right about the next 4-5 points? I fear that he is.
Now let’s think about it from a critical point of view:
What was Dave’s motive to do such fear-mongering, if all of it was bs? Money. But how? Exactly. Many shills expressed the fact that David was trying to steal Bitcoin from people, yet anyone that spends any amount of time listening to David Golberg or friends of David Golberg (before the whole website got nuked), know that this isn’t true. It would be like me telling you and my readers to transfer their money into Bitcoin or Ethereum due to an incoming financial collapse: I would not profit at all. It would be for your good.
Now why the US? Why not exterminate Christians and patriots in Germany, Hungary, Brazil or Croatia? Good question. All I can think of is that the US and Canada to a certain extent are the last bastion of the free world, the only thing in the way of China and the zionist. Remember how Dr. Carol Baker (a Jewish… zionist too?) at a CDC meeting back in 2017 said “I have the solution…Vaccine refusers… We will just get rid of the whites in the United States.”
I shit you not. This video has been deleted over and over on youtube, so here’s another copy. Please download a copy of it and share it. Full quote: “So I have the solution. Every study published in the last five years, when you look at vaccine refusers. I’m not talking about…hesitance, most of them we can talk into coming to terms. But refusers. We’ll just get rid of all the whites in the United States,” Baker said at the “Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S.” expert panel discussion sponsored by the National Meningitis Association in New York City on May 9, 2016. “Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most? Immigrants.”
God help us. I want this nightmare to be over, I want Dave to be so badly wrong. It sounds too terrific but the writing is on the wall.
Now, now you know. If anyone could help me doing so sort of rational thinking in concern to ZYPHR, that would be great. The fact that Tom Hanks posted a picture (again, go on the original blog post to see it) with a typewriter with the logo ZEPHYR and CORONA on it back in 2017 isn't really comforting.
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Marketing Strategies and Practices for Block chain Projects and Startups.

If you are a blockchain startup, open source project or decentralized protocol and believe that you don’t need the right kind of marketing to succeed, think again.
Marketing” has traditionally been a weakness in the early lives of many tech startups for a variety of reasons. Most startups are often led by young or inexperienced CEOs or project leaders who come from a strong engineering or product mindset. These founders either don’t understand or don’t appreciate the value of marketing, and certainly that comes from a lack of experience or education on the subject. Most blockchain companies/projects founders are no different.
At the root of this situation lies a common and fundamental misconception: not knowing the true meaning and functions of marketing agency in mumbai .

Marketing Mistakes

Wrongfully, marketing is prematurely equated to shouting about a product prior to having it ready for the market to try. Others think that marketing is about hiring a PR firm, polishing a website, publishing a blog post, promoting on social media, designing a great logo with new colors and fonts, or producing videos about your product and Society Activation in Mumbai.
Unfortunately, during the ICO frenzy days, the term marketing has been bastardized around excessive usage of the above named activities. Therefore, marketing has received a bad rap in blockchain circles because it has been equated to pumping bad ICOs where the marketing consisted of purely unchecked promotion.
In the past few months, I have had several conversations with founders of blockchain related projects and companies who clearly didn’t seem to understand, let alone appreciate the value and priority they should be giving to doing a better job at marketing. When I challenged them on their marketing, or broached the topic, the responses ranged along the following flavors:
· We’re not ready for marketing until the next product is released and announced
· We have it in the budget for next year to hire a PR firm
· I’ve been doing videos that will air as advertising later
· We prefer to deliver first, and then talk about what we have done
· Marketing is expensive and we don’t have the budget now
· We hired a design firm and redoing our website with a new visual identity
· We don’t need marketing, we focus on our community on Reddit
All of the above are the wrong answers, and point to not understanding the various parts of marketing.

Marketing is a Process

So let’s start with the basics and further discuss what marketing is, or is not about. First, there are 3 parts to marketing:
· Product marketing – explaining what the product does (features/benefits), and how it is differentiated from others. Goal: Positioning the product.
· Corporate marketing – positioning the company and communicating its messages in a variety of means. Branding and Marketing Communications is a big part of it. Goal: Generate Awareness and Preference.
· Customer marketing (sometimes labelled as field marketing, direct marketing or content marketing) – getting in front of your target market to generate adoption, leads and sales. Goal: Generate Adoption and Loyalty.
The kind of marketing that is often deficient in blockchain companies or projects is Marketing Communications, i.e. how to strongly and clearly message in a few words what your project, company or product do for the usecustomer. But this must be done as a continuum. Messaging is not a single shot of sound bites around a launch event. To make it even more effective, it must be customized to the specific audience you are trying to reach: customers, investors, employees, media, influencers, partners, etc.
The process of creating the messaging is a complex exercise that has several layers designed to answering the WHY, WHAT and HOW of your value proposition. Many companies nail the WHY (Elevator pitch), but don’t follow through with the WHAT (Competitive positioning and Core value proposition), or the HOW (Product/Solution messaging and Technology differentiation).
Marketing is a process that evolves along a series of objectives, from Awareness, to Consideration, to Trials, and then Loyalty. Different tools are effective for each one of these steps. For example, thought leadership focuses on the awareness aspect and trying to shape the market by educating it. The brand leadership helps to influence the prospect’s perception towards you. You want to gradually progress from letting your target market care, understand, believe, then act to try your product and merchant onboarding agency in mumbai .
Here is the right order of progression for the following activities:
  1. Brand Strategy
  2. Positioning Statement
  3. Messaging Elements
  4. Visual Identity
Sadly, a common mistake I see is starting with the visual identity and thinking that it is branding. Often, that is the result of being led by an inexperienced CMO or one that came from the PCommunications side, or when the organization has hired a brand design firm instead of a brand strategy firm. Most brand design houses (and some PR companies) will tell you they will take care of your messaging and branding, but that is the tail wagging the dog. Brand strategy takes a very unique skill, and there are few brand strategy experts that do a great job with it. One brand strategy firm with whom I have had experience working with, is Brandsinger.
In a nutshell, if you are not occupying a position in the minds of users/customers (and the prospective market), then your brand value is zero. Someone else will come and articulate their value proposition better than you, and will subsequently occupy that position. If you are first to deliver a product, it may not matter. You need to be first in occupying that specific position in the minds of your target market. The battle is a battle of the minds, as rightfully spelled out in the seminal book on that topic Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind, a classic book that I have perhaps read over 20 times (over a course of 25 years), and almost memorized and put into practice accordingly. The sequel to that book, – Marketing Warfare, is also a must read marketing classic from the legendary Ries and Trout, the two authors of that series of work.

Blockchain Examples

Let’s give it some blockchain and cryptocurrency flavours.
Bitcoin occupied first the digital money position and still does to this point. Ethereum exploited a weakness in Bitcoin,- its ease of programmability and development platform potential, and it currently owns that position. All other (newer) blockchains have to attack Bitcoin or Ethereum as the reference points. Most of them have to raise the volume and intensity of their marketing in order to make an assault on these established leaders. It is always more expensive to attack than it is to defend a position.
ZCash and Monero have exploited the privacy niche. Coinbase occupies the safety ladder in cryptocurrency exchanges. Binance is trying to attack it with a me-too strategy focused on scale, and they are extending their brand with new services. LoomX has been good at becoming a Layer 2 leader for Ethereum. Take any other segment. For example, when you think file storage, you probably think Storj or Filecoin because that’s the position they are occupying. When you think prediction markets, you probably think of Augur or Gnosis. And when you think of stablecoins, Maker comes to mind.

Back to Basics

For those of you who know me from the blockchain market only (over the past 6 years roughly), you may not know that I’ve previously spent a long career in sales and marketing with a variety of positions and experiences in direct sales, field marketing, corporate marketing and several startups as founder and default chief marketer. More specifically, since I exited the operational world via my last startup in April 2013, I’ve written extensively about startup marketing in the early years of this blog. All of it still applies, as I focused on explaining the basics of market positioning, marketing strategy, messaging, brand strategy, and related marketing topics.
There is no point re-inventing marketing for the blockchain sector. So, I’m going to link to some basics that I’ve already written about. Here, I collected the 12 most pertinent blog posts into a single one that links to them: Startup Marketing Compendium of 12 Posts on Positioning, Branding, Messaging and more. Then I wrote one more, The Biggest Blind Spot of a Startup CEO is Ignoring Their Brand.
So please go read that series, and if you need help implementing some of that, don’t start by hiring a PR agency. Rather, take an introspective view, and hire the right marketing person first.
Another common weakness with blockchain companies is they fail to tell their stories in non-technical terms to the market. It is not enough to excite the developers.
And don’t just focus entirely on social media publishing. Unless you have 1 Million+ Twitter followers in your target audience, promoting on social media will only make a dent in your awareness goals.
Remember, marketing is not just writing a press release. It is not shouting from the rooftops. It takes finesse, planning, thought, accuracy, targeted actions, and iterations to get it right.
And timing is so important. Sometimes the marketing is way ahead of delivery, and sometimes it is way behind it, but when the timing and sequence are right, that’s when the magic of results happens.
Allow me repeat this: marketing is a process. Learn it, acquire experience in it, practice it, but don’t be amateurish about it.
About Us.
We are a local marketing and sales agency that help small/medium sized businesses and Start up. Established for over 10 years, our clients vary in size and cover a wide variety of business sectors. we see ourselves as active members of the local community helping local businesses by providing a variety of field marketing, btl marketing , door to door marketing, brand promotion, social media marketing, telemarketing, web and printed based marketing materials.
Contact Us.
Get in touch with us, we would love to discuss your marketing needs.
We love a good coffee and a challenge, so would be happy to meet up with you face to face.
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A sleeper, RAIN Network Coin; Sub $16k MCAP, New Exchange Listings, and Juicy Chart!

RAIN Network Coin
Website: https://rainnetwork.online/
Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/rain-network
RAIN Network is a new fully autonomous microcap decentralized rewards platform operating on the Ethereum blockchain via smart contract. Easiest and profitable staking available on their dApps with more to come includeing a RAIN game.
So working product and $16k market cap. Yes you heard that right only $16k, if this goes to $100k that's a 6x!
Trying to post it here before it explodes (like SWAP).
Been bleeding out for some time and now showing completion of a massive bull pendant.
If you don't buy because of the product, then buy because the chart looks magnificent. Please look at the chart on Coingecko and tell me this won't triple in the next month.
The concept is simple, the user interface/logo is super clean and refreshing. The community is nice! Officially listed on Mercatox yesterday! With more exchanges to come.
Announcement from CEO:
"Update We do have a small game coming in a day or so that will use RAIN. exploding_head Addressing the make an announcement daily for hype That isn't going to happen. I am not a hype man nor do I make unnecessary announcements. We have more than enough stuff here at RAIN for the community to shill so really its up to you guys on how to make it work for your shilling. I am not placing blame on anyone, just reminding the community of their part in the grow of this. Myself and @ethereal have put good effort into growing this platform from a development perspective. The project has utility straight out of the box and dapps to assist with that utility. Lets make the best of what we have and make it work."
Buy on Uniswap;
BitcoinTalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5257430.new#new
Twitter https://twitter.com/rainnetworketh
Medium https://medium.com/@rainnetwork
LiveCoinWatch https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/RAINNetwork-_RAIN
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Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?

Large-scale updates of Tkeycoin. What’s next? — listing on the crypto exchange. Are you with us?

Hello, everyone, It’s been a long time since you heard our team, someone thought we were gone, someone was waiting, and someone disappeared himself.
All this time we have worked hard to bring you good news. We will tell you what we have prepared for you, what events will be soon, what you can use right now and what else will be new in the year. And so, let’s go!

Preparing for listing on the exchange

The pandemic period played into the hands of the entire team and we managed to build beauty in our services. In anticipation of the exchange, the team tidied up the sites and services and connected new tools. First of all, we paid attention to the preparation of all services for a foreign audience, taking into account its mentality.
New sections, localizations, nice things, and much more to ensure the most efficient use of the TKEY resource. In addition to the new tabs, the services that we will talk about in this material, there is a special page for representatives of the exchange with the necessary documentation for listing — https://tkeycoin.com/en/documentation/.


Full localization

Already today the official website tkeycoin.com available in 5 languages: Russian, English, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

We made adjustments to the Russian and English versions of the site, including support for Korean and Chinese for each section of the site. Professionals in their field, native speakers translated and adapted the information as it should be, and we, in turn, structured and framed it properly. So welcome!

We will update language support for the site, and soon it will include support for all languages that are available in the mobile app.

QR Codes for Asian Audience

Our friends and residents of Asian countries actively use QR codes in their lives, both when paying in stores and when working with websites. QR codes are used almost everywhere when renting a car or bike, we just open the phone, scan and the mode of transport becomes available for use, anything is available for rent, even a battery, even an umbrella.
“It was a hot May day. Seven-year-old Wang Jiaozui came out of school and saw his grandfather, who came to pick him up. He was standing in the sun, and his shirt was soaked with sweat. Jiaozui invited the grandfather to buy a cold Cola in the shop, but he forgot her purse at home. It turned out that this is not important — the boy took his grandfather’s smartphone and called the payment app with a QR code on the screen.” ©
What to say if QR codes are used even to identify entire farms. By pasting QR codes on farm buildings and then scanning them, government inspectors can quickly figure out who owns the building and whether its owners are violating any laws.

We must be on the trend! Now a special library generates QR codes for the desired page, any tab on the site tkeycoin.com in Chinese and Korean-accompanied by a QR code that leads to the requested page: fast, convenient, and simple.
Providing this opportunity to our colleagues and future users of Tkeycoin from Asia is a friendly approach and most importantly, a strategic step on our part. After implementing QR codes, we are undoubtedly drawn into the convenience of this function, which we recommend to You:) If you like it, we will make QR codes on the Russian and English versions of the site.

Buying and withdrawing cryptocurrency to a Bankcard

On the site, you can now buy Bitcoin for pound, dollars, euro, and any other currency. This is a powerful automated service for instant exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies. The system works around the clock and seven days a week, allowing everyone to conduct exchanges at any time of the day and in the shortest possible time.
Withdrawal to a Bank card will be available until the end of the month, we finish the details, the page is available now, and the withdrawal itself will be activated during this week. You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other currency right now.

These features are the future for the function of purchasing any product or service for TKEY at any point of sale, which will form the basis of the mobile app, quickly, conveniently, and most importantly, observing the letter of the law.
All we do is build an Empire that is being built before your eyes. Every service and product is connected, so any update promises the appearance of even more cool and effective features than before.

Buying cryptocurrency for pound, dollars, euros, and other currencies

At the end of February, we told you that we are working on building a payment service that will include the provision of services: buy cryptocurrencies, sell a cryptocurrency, withdraw cryptocurrency to Bank cards, etc.
This day has come, now you can buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether USDT, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Algorand (ALGO), Tron (TRX), OKB (Token Okex.com).

The purchase is available in any currency: Russian ruble, US Dollar, Euro, British pound, Ukrainian hryvnia, Indonesian rupiah, South Korean won, Japanese yen, Turkish Lira, Argentine peso.
As you can see, the currency corridors are quite extensive, which allows you to make exchanges fast and at a favorable rate. Just choose the right pair to exchange or buy, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
Even if this wide list does not include the currency you want to buy, such as Bitcoin or USDT, it’s okay — the service will automatically convert your currency into the payment currency and the Bank will make the exchange. Exchanges take place within 1–3 minutes, it is enough to pass quick verification once, which allows you to work with a volume of > 15,000 euros per month.


Exchange of cryptocurrencies for pound, dollars, euros, and withdrawal of Bankcard

In addition to the fact that you can now easily buy a cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, pound, dollars or any other, during this week we will finish work on the withdrawal to a Bank card and you can easily withdraw your profit to the card, the most important thing is that this is a completely legal method, and all operations pass through banks and jurisdictions where work with digital assets is legalized.
This means that when you buy or make a withdrawal to the card, you get legal funds that are credited to you by the Bank or payment system.
If you are used to working with effective tools that work in a new way, or rather correctly and legally, then this service is for you. Fast crediting, easy exchange, a large selection of currency pairs, that’s what the company is betting on.
We work with the most reliable third-party partners to make your cryptocurrency process easy and convenient, and most importantly safe for You. The service supports plastic and virtual Bank cards VISA, MasterCard, MIR, and other payment systems for fast payment processing.

On the exchange page, you can choose any currency pair to exchange in the opposite direction, for example, GBP to BTC or USD to BTC. Choose a suitable pair for exchange, available fiat currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, GBP, UAH, IDR, KRW, JPY, TRY, ARS, available cryptocurrencies for exchange: BTC, ETH, BAT, USDT, ALGO, TRX, OKB.
How it works
When buying cryptocurrency for the first time, your Bank reserves (holds) the requested amount, then this amount is transferred to the authorization waiting state. As soon as the Bank freezes the fiat funds, the service fixes the exchange rate at the time of creating the application, reserves the cryptocurrency, and provides you with 30–40 minutes to complete verification. After successful verification, the service charges cryptocurrency to the wallet.

Quick verification

Verification takes 2–3 minutes and requires only one time to perform operations every day. The “Know Your Customer” (KYC) procedure is necessary to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.

As you understand, you need to pass verification 1 time, regardless of whether you withdraw funds or buy currency, after passing verification, all services are available to You without any further confirmation.

New currency

Support for other currencies, including TKEY, will be added gradually and highlighted through service updates. As for the TKEY exchange, it will become available in exchange services after listing on the exchange. Listing on an exchange allows you to automate the exchange process, link the necessary services, and most importantly, the exchange provides liquidity, which is key when we talk about exchanging for a particular currency.
We will tell you more about the operation of the service and its advantages, chips, in a separate material dedicated to the withdrawal and purchase of cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies, as well as touch on various banking issues and tell you how you can combine the SWAP service for more efficient exchange and withdrawal to the card.

Charitable activity

By making an exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency, you help children and people who need our help. We deduct 0.1% of the profit from each transaction to charity funds.
This is the fastest and most comfortable way of charity, which allows you to bring together people who are not indifferent to other people’s problems. TKEY enables people to do good deeds, and the resulting turnover profit of 0.1% is sent to charity funds every month. Together with You, we create new opportunities for people in need who need help — “Big things have small beginnings”.
How does it work?
You have made an exchange or purchase operation, the company has accumulated the volume of these operations for a month->the company has chosen a charity Fund->sent funds to the charity Fund’s account. Priority charity funds are children’s aid funds. You can always suggest a candidate for a particular Fund by sending a message to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).
Why do we write Funds and not a Fund?
This is the first launch of the service, so depending on the monthly volume, we will focus on distributing funds to one charity or several. For example, if we have accumulated $ 10,000, we can distribute $ 5,000 to 2 funds. if we have accumulated $ 100, it is logical that we will only send this amount to 1 Fund. With the development of the service, we will be able to focus on several funds, which we will actively help due to the received volume.

New sections, improvements for existing services

Menu logic and site structure

The menu logic has been revised. now more items are available on the menu and they are divided into sections. Navigation through the sections has become much easier and more convenient. for some sections, QR codes are available for Russian and English-speaking audiences, and for representatives of Asian countries, all sections are available by QR code.



New blocks were added, the entire page was fully localized and is available in Chinese, Korean, English and Russian, and QR codes were added for easy navigation for the Asian audience.

Documentation for the exchange

We have already mentioned that there is a section for exchanges with the necessary documentation for listing, now it is available in English. In the next updates, it will be translated into Russian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), and Korean.

Market Data (Coin Data)

The market data section has been optimized for mobile apps. Charts are expanded and optimized page borders for most mobile devices, and you can search for cryptocurrencies and tokens that interest you.



Added answers to frequently asked questions in various sections of the site, You can find the information directly on the section page, for example, TKEY-QT, SWAP or Core. Right on the page there is a FAQ section, in which we disclose answers to questions, for example: How are You going to solve the scalability problem, or why did you choose Phoenix as the logo and symbol of the project, or how do you exchange cryptocurrency for pound or dollars? As you can see, you can get answers to different questions, depending on the topic of the site section.



For convenience, the site’s footer has been expanded and new sections (quick tabs) are included, which are also available in the QR-code format. In addition to various details, the footer is now accompanied by the company’s coat of arms — the Phoenix, which is the symbol of the entire community, the Phoenix Alliance.


Page 404

Added page 404, which is also an integral part of the site. now when you go to a non-existent site page, all the necessary menu items are fully available to us, which will quickly Orient You and direct you to the desired section.


What is waiting for us in the nearest future?

In addition to various improvements, connecting services, our team has been working every day on other main areas of the Tkeycoin project, which are already being prepared for the next release and we will tell you what updates, what plans, events, and what else will be interesting this year.

Online conference with management

An online conference in question-answer format will be organized. The main task of the conference, in addition to questions and answers, is to discuss plans, talk about new directions, touch on issues of legislation, and analyze current issues of users.
The online meeting format will allow you to get feedback and discuss a large number of issues in a short time. Questions related to technical support and other questions that can be answered through the administration will not be discussed.
The meeting involves the development, constructive, and suggestions from users for further development of the Tkeycoin project. If you are interested in participating in the conference, you can also make business proposals during it, please use the time to your advantage. We work for you.

New content: reports, new categories, useful information

Based on user feedback, we introduce new categories to our content plan:
Reports This section will be accompanied by information about the work done by the team for the month, the format of submission — abstracts, highlights. This format will help establish feedback between users and developers.
In addition to the content that we produce ourselves, users have questions that arise during the process of working with the project’s services, as well as during interaction with the project itself. To avoid making guesses and making up stories, we have introduced the question-answer category.
Users ask questions in comments, and the company prepares answers based on the questions and they are published in the post. Depending on the number of questions, the post generates all the answers, or the post is divided into parts if the number of questions for the past period was the largest. In addition to asking questions, you can make suggestions to the project, for example, about new features or directions.
This format also builds feedback and helps to improve all services. the most important thing is that it can not only help us but also you, as the offer and questions will help you focus on the tasks that the end-user wants to see.

TKEY-POOL (Tkeycoin pool)

We are completing the work and debugging of the official pool for Tkeycoin, this is a completely new approach for mining Tkeycoin. The pool will feature higher performance and stable architecture, a light interface, and objective commissions.
A pool is a highly loaded system that works 24/7/365, it turns out that such a product hides a sufficient number of lines of code and, most importantly, is built on a reliable architecture that can withstand +50000–100000 miners, not to mention the number of connected devices for this number of miners.
A cryptocurrency pool is a combination of the hardware power of many miners at once to increase the probability of finding a block. The reward for a block obtained by the pool is distributed among all participants.
The TKEY pool is developed taking into account the features of the Tkeycoin blockchain, including multi-blockchain, transaction model, hashing, blocks, and other nuances that are an upgrade of the blockchain among others. Together with the pool, the TKEY network is being tested: high loads, attacks, and other tests that show positive results, proving that the TKEY blockchain can work under any loads and is protected from attacks.
Our task was to: 1. Stable system for handling high loads; 2. Adaptation pool for any software; 3. Connecting any hardware for mining cryptocurrency Tkeycoin; 4. Fair remuneration calculation; 5. Security.
The main goal is for any user, regardless of the software and hardware used, to be able to connect to Tkeycoin mining via a pool. The first releases will be accompanied by a simple user-friendly interface, easy connection, instructions for various mining programs that can be connected.
In future releases, we will optimize the operation of the pool, add new features, as well as tracking functions and other nice things. any suggestions from miners and the community are interesting to us and will be implemented, so do not hesitate to send your suggestions after the launch.


Work on the TkeySpace mobile app is also not standing still. We will soon release updates for TkeySpace on Android and iOS.
This release is a complete transition to the most stable version of the mobile wallet. This means that after the update, even with the largest changes, the user will not need to completely reinstall or restore to use the new features, as before, just update the app via the AppStore or GooglePlay.
Between the previous update has been a sufficient amount of time, on average, updates are released once a month. This update will be one of the major ones. We are finishing work on the code to prepare the app for the new features that will be available this year. Besides, we are improving the app’s logic, data processing speed, optimizing the code, restoring order, and preparing for the global market.

Exchange, purchase of cryptocurrency and withdrawal to the Debit/Credit Card

In addition to pleasant optimizations, the app will display the exchange and withdrawal to a Bankcard, tab with an optimized page for exchange, withdrawal, and the purchase will be available directly in the mobile app. This upgrade will also capture the cryptocurrency exchange SWAP page, which can be evaluated after the update. Other features and new features will be announced by the developers immediately after the release.

SWAP Update

The development team is finishing work on optimizing the SWAP service. Regardless of updates, it is available in working mode 24/7/365. The team is working on improving the operation, optimizing the page, changing the interfaces, improving navigation, and speeding up query processing. This update is also among the upcoming ones, along with the pool, mobile wallets, and other news that will excite.

Network Statistics

In the network statistics section, there are several sections that will be fixed — this is the hash rate of the network and the volume of Tkeycoin. Now the volume of Tkeycoin is displayed by mTKEY, and the graph itself indicates M TKEY, the user may incorrectly understand the volume of transactions in the network, so, given the current volume, it is advisable to switch the display to TKEY, and in the future switch to mTKEY for large volumes.
TKEY is divided into cryptograms (CryptoGramm, cgr), uTKEY (keys), and mTKEY. 1 TKEY = 100 000 000 cryptograms. 1 mTKEY = 100,000 cryptograms. 1 TKEY contains 1000 mTKEY. 1 mTKEY = 0.00100000 TKEY 1 uTKEY =100 cryptograms 1 TKEY contains 1,000,000 utkeys. 1 uTKEY (keys) = 0.00000100 TKEY 1 cgr = 0.00000001 TKEY

Cryptocurrency Exchange

This issue has become the cause of mass discussions, disputes, investigations, the subject of memes, kitchen, and online conversations, that just did not happen, that TKEY is not taken anywhere, someone made guesses that we are waiting for everyone to run away, or TKEY is a world conspiracy and around some actors, you can write a book or shoot a great series, not worse than Breaking Bad.
Jokes, jokes, but the question is serious. Since the 4th quarter of last year, the company has been actively working on the issue of listing, prepared the necessary platform for this, held several meetings, negotiations, released the necessary products, figured out various transfers of funds to the blockchain, worked out many small things, many major issues that were behind the scenes. Everything is ready, and it’s time to start soon. This will be a surprise, believe it or not, and we will meet you on the stock exchanges :)

What other plans does the company have?

Enabling payment at retail outlets

After entering the exchange, we will actively engage in connecting payments to implement them and link them to TKEY. The plan, strategy, and legal component are ready.

Payment development

This implies the development of payments and services that will expand the use of digital currencies in the commercial sphere. Application on the territory of Russia will depend on the Federal law on the CFA, in any case, we plan to analyze the law, after its release, to find a legal way to implement payments based on blockchain and digital assets. Therefore, until the law is released, we are keeping this initiative in the future, and we will work on other jurisdictions that will support it.
We left some plans behind the scenes, because they will make the greatest impact on the market and the value of our asset, and this — likes silence.

What useful materials will be released soon?

How to effectively use the SWAP service together with the exchange and purchase of cryptocurrency from a Bank card?

We will tell you in detail how to use these 2 services, how to save on payments and purchases, how to exchange tokens that are very difficult to exchange, how to quickly get money for them to the card, and much more.

The law CFA

Our opinion about the law of cryptocurrencies in Russia, what to pay attention to, what to prepare for, how to act if there is a complete ban. Let’s talk about legal nuances and banking practices.

TKEY blockchain

In this material, we will talk about the blockchain, analyze the issues of the system, expand the questions on attacks, payment processing, and touch on the system of multiple chains. The article suggests your suggestions, perhaps someone will have ideas that we will implement in the chain.
At the end,
Don’t forget to ask questions in the comments or send suggestions to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) we will be happy to respond and consider your requests for any of our services. Collaboration, feedback, help us make the whole platform better.
Thank you for being with us! Until new meetings, stay tuned for news, updates, because the most unexpected news comes spontaneously.
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Amsterdam Meetup - My experience and notes

Hey guys! So, I attended the Amsterdam Meetup and it was awesome. Here's some of the insights and gems I gathered for those who couldn't attend:
If I remember anything else I'll edit and add, feel free to add those who attended if I missed any big things :)
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LIVE Beijing Conference June 22, 2017: English Translation

Me and my partner are going to do English play by play here. Tickets were around 570 each, so if you found this helpful , please donate.
2:10 Checked in. Around 100 guests attending so far. Conference should officially start in 20 mins.
2:30 Conference started. Currently in the Microsoft Beijing Office Lobby. Just introductions so far. The video trailer they played before the conference was quite impressive and in English.
2:32 srikanth Raju is speaking in English. You guys are good for this part. Big point: Microsoft believes in a heterogeneous Blockchain environment for Azure. Mentioned​ Ethereum specifically coexisting with antshares.
2:41 Skipped Jiang Li, Microsoft senior consultant's section for some reason.
2:45 Feng han is talking about the rise of alipay and transactions becoming electronic. Believes that full automation is the next step. Alibaba is still only half automated in their logistics. Huawei is interested in building smart cities, and will need blockchain. Note: they aren't announcing a partnership. Just talking about it.
2:51 Feng han talking about current internet infrastructure not being safe for the futures smart infrastructure. Then talked about a class offered by a genius cryptography professor, wangxiaoyun at tsinghua. Made a joke about 300x returns since ICO.
2:57 Hongfei Da. Talking about bitcoin and history of crypto. Now talking about founding of Antshares. Discussing dBFT and consensus briefly. Now talking about ICO. State of AntShares: 432 nodes, 1058300 blocks, main env running for 150 days. 352 stars on GitHub. LOL talking about this subreddit specifically now. Coinmarketcap ranking.
All assets will be digitized. Two categories: 1. Proof of existence is on the blockchain. 2. Off chain physical assets like IDs, bikeshare locks, intellectual property.
Spirit of blockchain isn't decentralization. It is transparency and fairness via publicly agreed upon rules and data.
Mantra: digital asset + digital ID + smart contract = smart economy.
REBRANDING: NEO smart economy. Green logo
Neo contracts with C#, Java/kotlin, python, go
NeoX is like an interledger protocol
NeoQ is quantum safe encryption
NeoFS is a new database layer
Emphasized ecosystem partnership with bancor agrello matchpool
Missed some points because too fast. Will go back later.
3:28 innospace CEO talking. Selected AntShares to join a pool of 10 companies out of 800 applicants. Best companies get 100x growth. Talked about Neo contracts active dev community and emphasized fintrch fundamental paper.
3:35 Alex norta from agrello. English speaking. Introducing the agrello platform currently. Announced new white paper finished today and ICO occurring now.
3:43 Adam from Coindash. Marketing Coindash as a onestop crypto portfolio that enables social trading and facilitates ICOs. Gives test runs for ICOs and let's you gauge interest. Announcing foray into China with close partnership with NEST partnership.
3:59 they made a reference to the matrix where they all pushed buttons and the screen said, WAKE UP NEO
4:00 break for 30 mins
4:31 restarting. CTO of AntShares speaking. Explaining smart contracts. Telling a story about Coke vending machine software executing a smart contract, except it ate his money because of a malicious party blocking the coin entry. Blockchain is necessary to allow smart contracts to be executed fairly.
Neo is different from Eth and fabric because it has static contract calls, deterministic blockchain network calls, and uses oracle's instead of internet API calls. Example, different nodes will have different Google search results based off of IP location.
NeoVM vs EthVM vs Docker Dyanmic sharding for NeoVM makes parallel processing scale better than EVM which has static sharding. Variables in NeoVM are determined beforehand and then the sharding is done before computation as opposed to EVM which divides work inflexibly.
EVM has high coupling (bad). NVM has low coupling like docker. Execution of contracts depends too much on the nodes and blockchain. This point wasn't too clear. Coupling seems to be a concept that people don't talk about often. Sounds like he was saying that you need to run eth smart contracts on a test blockchain environment while NeoVM allows you to test and run code independent of blockchain.
Microsoft offers IDE plugins and compilers to help people develop on the Neo platform.
Digital certificate issuance and asset digitization are supported in Neo but not inherently in Eth.
Storage layer for contracts is built into Neo. You can give authorization for others to read or write your contract storage space. Also, if your contract has a bug, you can take the data and migrate it to a patched contract. Lastly, allows rental of storage space for contracts. No support for any of the three points above in EVM.
Giving example of locking an account for a period of time. Showing decentralized domains. Sounds a lot like Eth name service.
5:21 bijie tech CEO. Talking about Binance ICO. Introducing the Binance team. Binance is a coin to coin centralized exchange. Made a joke about not wanting to ICO but did it after seeing everyone elses valuations.
5:35 fangzhou charity entrepreneur. Became a multimillionaire after getting some ANS.
Money is freedom. Now wants to give charity loans to kids that need an operation but parents don't have the money. Because of new Chinese laws only 113 out of 500 NGOs can receive donation money. Therefore the market for charity is undersupplied by organizations that can use the money.
5:46 xiaobai medical founder
No fixed location, employees or resources. Wants to make a medical system where people record their illnesses and compare outcomes with other patients to determine what is the best treatment. Can also match patients with doctors. Sounds like a combo of ZocDoc and patientory.
5:55 nest smart fund founder
Problems of most funds are lack of liquidity, inability to participate in the invested company, and high management cost.
DAO on ethereum was hacked, but NEST wants to do what DAO does but more safely and more transparently. They choose C# ( made a joke about being at Microsoft and using C#).
Going to make a nest coin that is redeemable for some of the coins that the project backs.
what's going to happen to ANS?
AntShares will retire and get redistributed as NEO in the new wallet software. You don't have to do anything. No reissue so investors don't get screwed. Exchanges will get contacted automatically.
How many devs do you have now?
2 full time devs. They are going to offer NEO bounties on code and hire more.
New exchange announcement?
ETH donation address: 0x92CBE3Ae9ECB30Fa52BE536d55616571380c43b5
LTC donation address: LZXsdjZJJBWpAx7VQmQ4turVrvgBJwguru
ANS donation address: ARA25KDeQMbcR7nAAjTbbnf3pkW98etD2U
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Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19

Weekly Update: ParGas is live, 2gether at South Summit, $ETHOS rebrand, updated $1UP tokenomics... – 27 Sep - 3 Oct'19
Hi everyone! Here’s your week at Parachute + partners (27 Sep - 3 Oct'19):

ParGas went live this week. From now on, you will get an additional option to pay for gas in $PAR when making ERC20 withdrawals from ParJar. Epic! Read all about it here. In this week’s Parena, Samuel defeated Martha in a quick finale to take home the lion’s share of the 100k $PAR pot. The #PAR4PAR contest entered stage 4. 200k $PAR in prizes. Insane! In this week’s Tiproom trivias, Ridwan hosted a 10 question quiz for 25k $PAR in total. There was another Math trivia for 25k $PAR more. Sweet! Doc Victor hosted a Champions League wager for 50 participants with a 10k $PAR pool.
This PAR logo is entirely made using ASCII code. Courtesy: Jose

Tiproom #mememania winners. Alimam and Rogel were tied in 1st place
The winner of the USD 500 BTC aXpire contest was announced this week. Congratulations to yo*******[email protected]! Rohit and my article on how Big Co and Big Guv is using blockchain was published in Altcoin Magazine. Week 39 update from the aXpireverse can be seen here. The weekly 20k $AXPR burn went ahead like clockwork. The latest 2gether app update now allows you to send $BTC and $ETH from your account to any wallet. Noice! The team, in the midst of shifting offices, set up camp at South Summit where 2gether is one of the finalist startups. Click here, here and here for pictures. As a finalist at the Summit, CEO Ramon got the opportunity to deliver a pitch to attendees. Plus interviews by Emprendiendo.TV and Funontheride. Great! The WednesdayClub dApp continues to airdrop $WED tokens every Wednesday. Make sure to get in on the action.
Parachute HQ recently shifted to the WeWork Navy Yards in NYC. Beautiful
XIO’s Binance Dex listing proposal* was submitted this week. For listing on the Dex, all projects submit detailed proposals and answer questions from the Binance Node operator community who then evaluate and decide on the listing. Read more about it here. Plus, there’s a hint of an $XIO doubling opportunity in there. The full roadmap (XIO Atlas) was also released with the proposal. An updated promo video came out as well. $XIO distribution to the giveaway winners was completed this week. In this week's discussion threads, Zachary talks about leverage, ERC20-BEP2 bridge, XIO capital and how many native tokens will incubated startups share with XIO citizens. The $BOMB Instagram is now handled by the community. So the BOMB Board opened up a proposal form for opinions from the community on how best to manage it.
\[As shared in last update, the switch to Binance Chain has been shelved. $XIO will stay on Ethereum. But there will still be a token swap. Details will be shared in a later update]*
Two updates back we saw the WIP version. Here’s the full version of XIO Atlas
The $ETHOS token will be rebranding to Voyager ($VGX). The new token will be unveiled in November. Please note that there is no contract swap. This will simply be a rename. You can read more about it here. The bitcointalk Ann goes into even more details on the rebranded token’s use-cases. Understandably, there were lots of questions that came up. So the team arranged an AMA. If you missed it, check out the FAQ. Voyager also received investment from Thrust Capital through a private placement this week. Nice! Congratulations to Bounty0x for getting accepted to the Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator program. This is huge! The latest update is a great summary the past quarter @Bounty0x – reaching minimum fund raise goal on Republic, new features like Admin Notes, $BNTY staking, integration with Bloom and KABN etc. Fantom hosted an AMA with G.Crypto this week. CMO Michael shared a formalised roadmap article as well to answer all “when” questions. Plus, click here for some cool pics from CryptoBazar Serial Hacking meetup which the $FTM team attended. Uptrenndians, don’t forget to read the $1UP tokenomics update. It explains how the token velocity will work in a way such that everyone gets an equal opportunity at stacking $1UPs no matter when they join. BTW, if you didn’t notice yet, Uptrenndian made it to the Urban Dictionary. You can vote to keep it there forever. Let’s go! One way to beat Monday morning blues is a healthy dose of Meme Mondays while watching the site climb up the Alexa rankings. Haha. And finally, the team announced a partnership with Xord who will work on the blockchain solutions on the platform.
Parachute investor deck sneak peek
Mycro conducted KYC for bounty hunters and started a campaign to stop fake entries. OST-backed Pepo app moved to the first live beta stage this week as a precursor to a formal beta launch and presentation at Ethereum DevCon5 in Osaka next week. The team also shared details of how to hop in for a free Shabu Shabu dinner and pub crawl for Pepo beta users at DevCon5. And on top of that, a massive bounty for sharing IRL experiences on Pepo. Dang! Another bounty for usability testing of Pepo with the UX Team was also launched. 3k $OST for each selected participant. Say what! The OST-backed LGBT token now has 4k+ users thanks to the Hornet app. Well done! SelfKey announced a partnership with social watching platform Livetree for providing them KYC compliance solutions during onboarding process. Make sure to read the post to find out how to get a 90-day free subscription on the platform. If you haven't yet watched Constellation advisor and former Sanrio CEO Ray Rehito Hatoyama's interview with Co-Founder Benjamin Jorgensen, you can read about it in The Daily Chain's detailed coverage. If you're a $DAG node operator, this tweet will be of interest to you. Hint: onboarding has started. Folks who missed Constellation's AMA with tehMoonwalkeR can catch up from the transcript. And finally, Arena Match hosted a flash giveaway. Eagle eyed fans got their hands on some sweet $AMGO!
Pepo ready to make waves at DevCon5
The month gone by at Opacity saw a 20% increase in new accounts and a ~20% return rate on the site. Read more performance metrics from CEO Jason’s round up article. This month will see a slew of new features like integrated gift card payments, plan upgrades, folder upload etc. A productive community doesn’t stop BUIDLing. Check out ImgOpq which is a community run imageboard that works with public Opacity handles. Fun! Catch up on the latest at District0x from the weekly and dev update. Plus, a shoutout to Ethlance from Jaide of Cryptalk was pretty cool. More partners joined the Hydro dApp store this week including Temporal, MESG and Colony. Hydrogen won the USA Nationals of the BBVA Open Talent Award which is one of the world’s largest fintech startup competitions. As a result, the team won the opportunity to present at the BBVA Open Summit in Madrid. Co-Founder Mike travelled to the World Blockchain Forum Conference in NYC to speak on Libra vs Hydro and data privacy. The South African Reserve Bank shortlisted Hydro for an accelerator programme in South Africa which will culminate in a Demo Day at the end of the month. Two winners from the Demo Day will be chosen who will get to pitch at the Singapore Fintech Festival and receive funding. Good Luck! To read a quick dev update, click here. The Sentivate community voted on whether to burn $SNTVT tokens or host a raffle. One way to participate in the vote was by signing a message through one’s wallet. How? Read this to find out. Chico Crypto’s deep dive interview with Founder Thomas Marchi was released this week. Continuing with last week’s discussion on universal domain system, this week we learned about how Domain Information Service works in the Universal Web.

And with that, it’s a close for this week at Parachute. Cheerio!
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Private Internet Access Review - An in-depth review

Private Internet Access talks a big game on its website. In among all the technical jargon it boasts that it’s “the most trusted name in anonymous VPN service.”
Its name certainly promises as much, but can you trust Private Internet Access to give you the VPN speeds and security you need?
We’ve spent days testing Private Internet Access to answer all your questions, such as:
Is Private Internet Access trustworthy? What does Private Internet Access do? Does Private Internet Access work with Hulu? Does Private Internet Access keep logs? Who owns Private Internet Access? Before we get stuck in, let’s take a look at the basics of Private Internet Access, along with what we found to be its main pros and cons:
Excellent speeds - 87Mbps global average Easy, high-speed access to Netflix Unlimited P2P & torrenting Keeps no usage logs & no IP/DNS leaks 3,300+ servers across 32 countries User-friendly apps for PC, Mac, iOS, & Android Cons Small server network compared to top-tier providers Based in the privacy-unfriendly US Email support can be slow, limited live chat Patchy access in China Works with
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Now TV, HBO, Sling TV, Torrenting, Kodi
Available on
Windows Mac Ios Android Linux Price from
Private Internet Access is an incredibly fast VPN, with some excellent features that make it ideal for privacy advocates. It’s not perfect, though – read on to find out more.
Speed & Reliability Very fast and impressive speeds
Private Internet Access is a very fast VPN.
PIA’s best VPN servers are impressive for speed: if you live near London, New York or Toronto and want to connect locally you won’t find a faster provider in the current market.
We were also highly impressed with PIA’s global performance, with very fast average download speed of 87Mbps. This is one the highest we’ve seen from any provider, making it a fantastic choice for P2P users and torrenters.
Speed results from our physical location in London (100Mbps fibre optic connection) to a London test server.
Before using Private Internet Access:
UPLOAD Mbps 99
PING ms 2
When connected to Private Internet Access:
UPLOAD Mbps 74
PING ms 12
Download speed without Private Internet Acess: 92Mbps
Download speed with Private Internet Access: 47Mbps
Our download speed loss when Private Internet Access is running: 50%
Gamers will love PIA’s practically non-existent latency of less than 1ms in some locations.
It also has exceptional upload speeds – you can expect 268Mbps at the best of times.
We put all of the VPNs on the site through a rigorous scientific speed testing process, determining the average speeds from multiple locations across the globe. These are the average speeds you can expect to pick up from these locations:
USA: 31Mbps (download) & 38Mbps (upload) Germany: 85Mbps (download) & 72Mbps (upload) Singapore: 26Mbps (download) & 9Mbps (upload) Australia: 35Mbps (download) & 10Mbps (upload) Server Locations Important locations are covered, the server list is small
Globe with a blue flag 32 Countries Image of a city landscape 52 Cities Image of a pink marker 3,300+ IP Addresses See all Server Locations Private Internet Access’ servers are spread over 33 countries – a smaller selection than many of its big-name rivals, although every PIA location is courtesy of a real physical server.
While 3,300-plus VPN servers is a fantastic amount, it’s likely that there’s only one IP address for each. That’s a good number, but VPN services like IPVanish (40,000) and VyprVPN (200,000) have far more.
PIA VPN covers all the most popular locations in a good global spread, while 14 separate cities (and 1,500 servers) within the US is outstanding. There’s also city-level selection in the UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany.
Private Internet Access Server Locations on the Private Internet Access Website
Streaming & Torrenting Good for Netflix, great for torrenting
Private Internet Access’ huge array of US servers means that unblocking Netflix is never more than one or two clicks away. We found access through its Washington DC, Atlanta, Chicago and Houston servers to be very reliable, and less so with US East, New York City, Florida and California servers.
Access to BBC iPlayer had recently stopped working for us, and Private Internet Access has said that rectifying it is not a priority for the service. Our most recent tests, however, had success accessing the service.
Private Internet Access is also a popular choice with viewers of a whole range of other big streaming services. Plenty of subscribers enjoy using Private Internet Access with:
Amazon Prime Video Hulu HBO Sling TV Sky Now TV PlayStation Vue Torrenting Private Internet Access is a very, very good VPN for torrenting.
P2P traffic is permitted on all servers and the market-leading upload and download speeds ensure rapid file transfers and buffer-free Kodi.
It has a VPN kill switch to keep your identity safe while you download or seed, it’s totally protected from IP and DNS leaks, and its logging policy ensures your traffic will be kept private and anonymous.
Bypassing Censorship No good in China but works well in other countries
Private Internet Access is unusable in large parts of China as the government has successfully managed to block it via the Great Firewall. Reports and anecdotes from users suggest that it still works in Beijing at least, for example.
Unless you want to spend a lot of time tampering with long-winded manual configurations, you’ll be better off finding another VPN service, though – our roundup of the best VPNs for China should help.
PIA will still work to unlock the internet in slightly less dilligent nations though, such as Turkey, Iran or Saudi Arabia.
Platforms & Devices Works across all platforms, and router too
Apps Windows Logo Windows Mac Logo Mac iOS Logo iOS Android Logo Android Linux Logo Linux Router Logo Router There are custom apps to get Private Internet Access running on all the popular operating systems, both desktop and mobile, while a router-level installation will cover everything else.
Private Internet Access works with Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Android, iPhone and more.
You can use Private Internet Access on a number of devices, up to ten in total. Manual setup guides are also available on the Private Internet Access website to help walk you through more obscure platforms or older OS versions.
Games Consoles & Streaming Devices AppleTV Logo AppleTV Amazon Fire TV Logo Amazon Fire TV Chromecast Logo Chromecast Nintendo Logo Nintendo PlayStation Logo PlayStation Roku Logo Roku Xbox Logo Xbox Private Internet Access offers a custom app for Amazon Fire TV and Stick. Installing the app requires a little bit of technical knowhow, but once installed you’ll be able to choose servers all around the world and access your favorite video content.
It’s also possible to use PIA’s software with other streaming devices and games consoles, like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or Google Chromecast, by connecting them to a configured router.
Browser Extensions Chrome Logo Chrome Firefox Logo Firefox Private Internet Access also has browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera, which protect your browser traffic.
They’re just proxies, but still protect your IP address and prevent WebRTC leaks when surfing the web. You can learn more about the differences between VPNs and proxies with our guide.
Encryption & Security One of the most secure VPNs around
Protocol L2TP/IPSec
Encryption AES-128
Security DNS Leak Blocking
First-party DNS
IPV6 Leak Blocking
Supports TCP Port 443
VPN Kill Switch
WebRTC Leak Blocking
Advanced features Ad Blocker
Please see our VPN Glossary if these terms confuse you and would like to learn more.
After all this, you’re still probably wondering one question: is Private Internet Access trustworthy?
We can safely say that the answer is yes. Private Internet Access is one of the most advanced VPNs on the market, sure to satisfy even the most demanding of users.
A screenshot of PIA's recommended security configurations PIA’s recommended security configurations
You get a broad choice of protocols with Private Internet Access (including our favorite, OpenVPN), encryption (including AES-256), an ad and malware blocker (PIA MACE), TCP Port 443, as well as a kill switch.
It also features IPV6 leak protection, although it’s unlikely you’ll need that right now – still, it’s good future-proofing for when IPV6 eventually becomes the new internet standard (you can learn more about IPV6 here).
One small thing we’d change is that PIA VPN offers PPTP as a protocol, but not IKEv2. We prefer OpenVPN to IKEv2, but some users like that it often gives you faster VPN connection speeds. PPTP, on the other hand, is old and insecure and shouldn’t really be used by anyone.
On top of all that, we also found it didn’t leak our IP or DNS – Private Internet Access operates its own DNS servers, which helps.
Logging Policy Absolutely no logging information kept
Private Internet Access keeps absolutely no VPN logs whatsoever – you can use the service with total peace of mind that your data and traffic is not being monitored, nor can it be traced back to you.
Jurisdiction Private Internet Access first launched in 2010 and is owned by London Trust Media, a firm with a diverse portfolio of products and a particular focus on privacy and tech. It’s based in Colorado, Denver, USA.
We would normally criticize a VPN for choosing the US as its base of operations, however, in the case of Private Internet Access we’ll make an exception.
The fact that absolutely no browsing logs are stored or monitored by PIA means that any prying authorities would have nothing to uncover.
Ease of Use Updated app does wonders for usability
How to Install & Set Up Private Internet Access Private Internet Access download options screenshot in our PIA review Go to the downloads section on PIA's website to find the right software for your device.
Private Internet Access installation instructions screenshot in our PIA review We love PIA's step-by-step instructions on how to navigate the installation process.
Private Internet Access setup options screenshot in our PIA review PIA gives you the option to create a handy desktop shortcut for the app.
Private Internet Access setup wizard screenshot in our PIA review Once the installation is complete, you'll be given the option to launch PIA and begin using the software.
PIA Main Screen Screenshot for PIA Review PIA have drastically improved its app so that it is much simpler to navigate and pleasing to look at.
PIA Server List Screenshot for PIA Review When clicking on 'VPN Server' on the main screen you are taken to this list of available server connections. Its a detailed list with a search bar to find your favorite server quicker than having to scroll.
PIA Connected Screenshot for PIA Review When you choose a server, the app automatically takes you back to the home screen where the button animates itself in an attempt to connect. Once connected, it turns green.
PIA Main Screen Expanded Screenshot for PIA ReviewPIA Setting Menu Screenshot for PIA Review The advanced settings open in a new and separate tab to the app. In the Privacy Settings you can find the inclusion of a kill switch with the helpful option to have it on 'Always'. You can also block domains used for ads, trackers, and malware through the PIA MACE option.
PIA DNS Leak Protection Screenshot for PIA Review In the 'Network' screen you can protect yourself against DNS leaks, with the options to 'Set Custom DNS' alongside tick boxes for 'Request Port Forwarding' or 'Allow LAN Traffic'.
PIA Protocol and Encryption Screenshot for PIA Review
In the past, PIA’s one glaring failure was its clunky, unintuitive and grossly outdated desktop app.
PIA has since released a far more modern app which is much easier to navigate and straight-up better looking, clearly taking note from its competitors.
There are plenty of customization options for desktop notifications, launch on start-up, and a kill switch with an ‘always’ option.
PIA has come a long way, but it’s not perfect: the advanced settings still open in a new tab and the tray app remains open on top, blocking the view. Annoyingly, you have to close the whole tray app manually in order to see it.
The PIA mobile app is terrific – with just as much configurability as the desktop app, plus some extra connection details.
Customer Support Lacking 24/7 support but good online knowledge base
Live chat Support Email Online Resources 24/7 live chat is the obvious absence from Private Internet Access’ support repertoire. It’s something almost all of its higher-scoring rivals have, such as StrongVPN and VPNArea, and a feature we’d love to see soon.
With PIA VPN you can only live chat with support between 4pm-1am UTC. You must be logged in to the member area to do so, meaning it’s also only available to paying customers.
The positive flip-side to this, though, is that PIA has one of the best online knowledge bases out there. It’s well organized and should answer almost any query or issue you have.
Pricing & Deals Affordable on two-year plan
Private Internet Access Coupon Private Internet Access logo Private Internet Access
Get 65% off Private Internet Access's 2-year plan
TestedEnds 28 Aug Get CodeED Terms Private Internet Access Pricing Plan A month-long subscription with Private Internet Access costs $9.95. This is around the industry standard and isn’t very competitive.
The cost goes down the longer you subscribe for, though, with a two-year subscription costing $3.49 per month. Private Internet Access isn’t the cheapest VPN, but it is one of the best.
Private Internet Access doesn’t have a free trial and the money-back guarantee is only seven days long. However, cancelling within these seven-days is 100% no-questions-asked, with your refund arriving within seven working days.
Billed $9.95 every month 12 Months
Billed $71.88 every 12 months Save 40% 2 Years
Billed $83.87 every 2 years Save 65% All plans have 7-day money-back guarantee
Payment & Refund Options Credit Card PayPal Bitcoin PIA accepts a broad range of payment methods including most major credit and debit cards, PayPal and a few cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash.
Users in certain countries may also have access to additional international payment options like Mint, ecoPayz, and Neosurf, although they can’t be used to set up a rolling subscription.
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Awesome idea to gain at least 25-50% profits overnight!

Step 1: Create another bitcoin fork called "Bitcoin Final" It runs on both it’s own blockchain, and as an ERC20 token on Ethereum that's 1:1 swapable via smart contract. The ERC20 version is used for smart contract functionality, quicker transactions, better scaling, etc etc… The mineable version is used as “a store of wealth” or to swap with ERC20 version when needed.
Step 2: Make sure logo strongly resembles Bitcoins’ logo.
Step 3: Create massive hype and marketing with headlines such as: "It's like bitcoin, but future proof.”, "Like Bitcoin, only smarter”, "The Last Bitcoin fork you'll ever need”, "The one Bitcoin fork to rule them all”, “Bitcoin Final, no more forks necessary” and pay off a few big names to back the project. Get John McAfee to say he'll eat his balls on TV if the price is not $50,000 by 2020.
Step 4: Airdrop to ETH holders, and let BTC holders claim via smart contract, at a rate that makes holding ETH slightly more favorable.
Step 5: Profit?
Disclaimer, I have no idea what I am talking about.
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A recap of Mr. Yin Xiangyu's online speech

A recap of Mr. Yin Xiangyu's online speech

Hello, I am Yin Xiangyu, or you could call me Freddy, head of INT Chain China. Before today’s topics, let me introduce myself first.
Since 2003, I started my career as an IoT developer, and I participate in several IoT projects. Then, I started my own business, such as an e-commerce website, online traveling, big data websites, IoT printer controlled by WeChat. In 2013, I first met bitcoin and blockchain, when Ethereum came out in 2015 I thought blockchain could solve many problems in IoT. So we started the INT project with our team members from such as Huawei, CAS, Tencent, and Microsoft.

1, Technology

In today’s topics, I will talk about three pillars of INT Chain, technology, application ecosystem, and community.
In January 2019, even it was a cold winter, Bitcoin fell to $3000, We still launched the INT Chain mainnet, because we know we have so many objects to achieve.
Up to now, our mainnet has been running for nearly half a year, in the meantime we made much remarkable development. This August INT chain New testnet will be launched.
It has many exciting features.
First, let me introduce its high-performance feature. We optimize the P2P, network protocol, and New INT Chain 4.0 uses IPBFT consensus, it will increase the confirmation speed to 1 second. That is 10 times faster than now.
Second, a new smart contract will be released, it will fully compatible with EVM and WASM, it supports most developing languages. More friendly for developing INT DApp.
I want to emphasize the most important principle when we design smart contracts– Security First. To avoid security problems, we have made the innovative design and made some standard design, just like the design principle of Wave language published by Facebook.
Third, We have also got a lot of progress in sub-chain, cross-chain and privacy protection.
Except these features, for a more secure and decentralized system. We will make some adjustments in the number of nodes, the entry requirement, and reward rules. We will keep improving in the future. Please pay more attention to our official media.
I want to introduce the Titan Plan. While doing our developing work, we are also promoting the research of blockchain basic theory and exploring the future business model.
20 years ago,no one knew the internet would change our lives so much. In China, we now don’t need to take a wallet, just one smartphone is enough. Also, we don’t know after 10 years, how IoT, 5G, AI, and blockchain will change our lives. So we launched the Titan plan. Up to now, we have received more than 20 research works, we hope more and more teachers/students and engineers will join the plan.

2, Application ecosystem

INT has always taken the engineering principle to develop INT, and then I will introduce our work in industry application, INT wallet ecosystem and terminal products.
As you know, INT has provided blockchain solutions for many government and corporation. Just recently, we signed a traceability project for chicken farming. Meanwhile, more projects are in business negotiation, including explosives traceability Systems, camera work-proof systems in more prisons.
China has officially launched 5G, and the global 5G development will be faster and faster. We and our partners, such as China Telecom, Huawei, and ZTE, will together get more projects in industrial manufacturing 4.0, smart city, smart prison, etc. Of course, these projects are not easily implemented, but they will provide a lot of help for the development of INT.
For the product for consumers, we continue to update our blockchain-router, we wish it will become the control center of IoT devices at home. We will launch the vehicles OBD device in two months. We are also working with partners to consider releasing a healthy product for consumers.
The INT wallet will be officially released soon. Its name is Smart Wallet. For the first time, its name and logo are chosen by community members. Smart Wallet is not only a wallet but an important entrance of the INT eco-system.
Smart wallet version 1.0 will have some basic functions, such as transaction, staking, voting, unstaking, and transaction record. We will continue to optimize the wallet system. In the future, with INT developers, we will develop applications, staking economy, charity, etc. in IoT.
Before the launch of Smart Wallet, we did a lot of security testing, and with our security partner, Slow Mist, we launched a bug bounty plan. The process of wallet signing only been executed localhost, it can protect users from private key leakage.
There are so many breakthroughs in 5G, edge computing, AI, and big data technologies in recent years, It will boost IoT blockchain and the machine economy will become a reality.
To promote the development of the IoT blockchain, we will invest more than 1 million dollars and extra token to promote INT’s applications, this is a long-term process and we look forward to more partners.

3, Community

The last pillar, I’d like to talk about our community. Without the support of the community, we will not have today’s result. Currently, INT has more than one hundred thousand users and nearly 40,000 overseas users from France, Germany, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and other countries. I have seen INT videos produced by community members. Thanks for your great work!
I want to talk about our community partner plan, INT looks forward to a more international community, we promote the development of INT together just like a team.
This plan has gotten a good result, In addition to 12 new Chinese communities, we have five new community partners in French, German, Spanish and Dutch. Our French community partners have released the French version of the INT video, we wish there are more partners of different languages to join us.
We know that our capability is limited. As more and more community members participate in INT development, ultimately we hope that INT can be led by our community, this year we will take out 150 million INT held by INT Foundation, and hand it over to a special management committee, we are drafting the committee’s proposal collection document.
Let me report the recent INT business development, we have established cooperation with some good IoT corporations and blockchain projects, also We have passed the review of one large exchanges, at right time, we will be listed.
Time flies very fast, it has been more than an hour, I am so happy can share INT with you,
Chinese Saying: Taking a step every day will reach a thousand miles away.
Thank you all, looking forward to the next meeting.

—INT Chain Foundation
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What's in a whitepaper? A detailed analysis of what whitepapers mean for cryptocurrencies.

Hello folks!
I recently saw a thread asking about what makes a good whitepaper. In this post, we'll go into detail about this very idea, as well as red flags you can find in whitepapers.
A lot of people focus on whitepapers as an aspect of a cryptocurrency, and for good reason. It's the document that describes in a few short pages what that thing does. But often, a whitepaper can tell you more than you'd learn just by reading the words on the page.


Let's start with an example everyone knows about. The original Bitcoin whitepaper. It's short - just nine pages - but wonderfully well-written. It's almost minimalistic, in that it gets the point across without anything more than necessary. This is important, and in fact, it's one of the signs of a great whitepaper.
Another whitepaper that I love is that of IOTA. Unlike Bitcoin's, it's highly elaborate, jam-packed with advanced mathematics and cryptography. In this way, it goes in a vastly different direction than the Bitcoin whitepaper, but it is also a great sign for the cryptocurrency itself. This whitepaper was not designed to market the coin. It was designed to describe everything the currency can do. My favorite part of the whitepaper has to be the deeply detailed "Attacks" section, which describes several possible attacks against the network, and how they are countered. This is a CRUCIAL part of any whitepaper, and IOTA does it beautifully.
Next up is RaiBlocks. In general, this whitepaper is similar to IOTA's - an in-depth discussion of the features of the currency. Again, the "Attacks" section, which describes six possible attacks, is highly informative. There's no fluff and no marketing, just a detailed and technical analysis of what the cryptocurrency can do.
What about the Ethereum whitepaper? Vitalik Buterin was 19 when he wrote it, and yet it's a masterpiece. It's crude - only one step up from ASCII - but as soon as you read the "Examples of what contracts can do" section, that's the moment of "holy crap, this is powerful." And again, a whitepaper with no marketing.
Finally, take a look at the CryptoNote whitepaper. It was written by "Nicolas van Saberhagen", who wanted to create the first private cryptocurrency. Again, it's highly technical - as a whitepaper should be! - but it leans more towards the minimalism of the original Bitcoin paper. The general tone of the paper is "how do we fix Bitcoin?", which I find truly intruiging. The protocol that this paper introduced eventually grew into Monero, whose Monero Research Lab has also written six excellent papers.


Let me first say that I do not have any financial reason to attack these cryptocurrencies. But by analyzing their whitepapers at a basic level, you'll start to see why they might be sketchy.
First, let's look at Verge's whit-err... blackpaper. Why is it called that? I don't know. But the fact that they chose not to call it a whitepaper worries me in itself. The first page looks like a marketing graphic, declaring "Verge: The most privacy focused cryptocurrency." The rest of the pages each have the Verge logo watermarked on them, which makes it seem like a marketing document. There's only one mathematical formula in the entire whitepaper, and it contains an entire section describing Electrum, which is a wallet that wasn't even originally designed for Verge! Lastly, the highly important "Attacks" section just isn't there - again, for marketing. Why would you talk about potential attacks if your goal is to market your coin, rather than advance the technology of cryptocurrency?
Basically, the Verge 'blackpaper' isn't technical, and it fails to show any true innovation by the currency. In effect, it's a PowerPoint presentation slapped onto a PDF. This should worry you.
Next, NavCoin.. Again, it looks good. The first page is emblazoned with "NAV: THE UNBREAKABLE CODE." But take a deeper look and you'll find a few worrying things:
The security protocols we employ are impossible to circumvent, and the system is unable to send anything other than legitimate transactions.
No one can guarantee that your security protocols are completely secure. That would be ludicrous.
The all-important "Risks" section is a mere 90 words. Again, this is a project focused on marketing, rather than technology.
And finally, there are no references. This is a very amateurish paper if it has no references!
Let's get to the conclusion of this.
You can learn a lot about a project just by looking at the whitepaper.
In summary, a good whitepaper:
And a bad whitepaper:
I hope you've learned something from reading this, and I'd love to hear your opinion, whether you agree with me or not.
If you liked this post, please consider sending me a small XRB tip: xrb_1zb713d9o55hi55r6d8y1ba3up6h5zdsb76o1e5m8wmdw7wc1qc967yj8cpx
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10 reasons why walton will rise to the top

When I get into a project I do so under the imagination right now that birth of bitcoin was like the big bang, and now the universe is forming. There will be galaxies, stars, big planets, planets, moons and little asteroids in the new universe of crytpo. I like to reason that there are voids that need to be filled and look for indicators that that project will fill that void, much like stacking a detective case of evidence for or against a certain project. Here is why I think Walton will be galactic in a few years. disclaimer these points have been made before in various subreddits!
1) The Team- A large, well educated team full of people who have masters, PHDs, experience, RFID chip patents and research papers. Few other projects can claim to have that kind of expertise already going for them.
2) Connections- Former Samsung VP, the technological overlord of South Korea, one of the countries where crypto is being fast adopted, is on the team. So is one the higher ups from Septwolves. It's about who you know- these people definetly have contacts in the business world and can push the walton agenda. It's also not as if these people are lacking money- their primary motivation must be to actually make a great, new product. (ok, and get a few more millions, but when you are that rich it's not as if you need to chase the cash)
3) Real life usecase- Whilst the blockchain is a fantastic piece of tech, it's not exactly going to save the rainforest- it's an innovation which has real use cases. We have seen a smattering of startups throwing blockchain into anything. Whilst I love the idea of decentralisation, let's recognise that most people trading are caught in the hype bubble of blockchain. Walton is combining the IOT and blockchain, in the way blockchain is supposed to be used- keeping accurate and transparent records. It's nothing incredibly fancy but it's real.
4) Proven sucess- Anyone here needs to look up that Macy's has already improved their productivity and their revenue by implementing RFID chips. This will be a clear signal to any other clothing store (which is what Walton is firstly focusing on) that RFID will be lucrative and make their lives easier.
5) IOT- whether we like it or not, IOT is coming, and it's going to be a lucrative industry. Very lucrative. Walton is preparing for this by creating a product warehouses of the future will be able to use efficiently and effectively.
6) China tech- China needs to rally around their homegrown industries. One reason why the ban came in is because a million chinese icos were being made on the ethereum network, for lack of a viable one in China. They are switching to their own blockchain away from ethereum. They won't be the chinese token which take similar steps. Not one western company ranks in the top 5 companies in China- don't expect that to change.
7) The rise of China- As China is projected to overtake the US as the worlds leading economy, this product is going to marketed and sold to the worlds largest consumer market, which is notorious for their warehousing industry.
8) Parterships- Great ideas without implementation fail. If you look at the dot.com bubble, there were actually alot of websites ideas which didn't take off- they were too ahead of their time or lacked the right circumstances. Alot of these ideas were later incooperated by today's big players or re-done in a modern setting. Walton has already secured partnerships with well established clothing and logistic brands that are themselves worth billions and was/is in talks with Haier electronics. Their marketcap will eventually reflect the level of the companies they have partnered with. There is also a partnership with South Korea's Seoul university.
9) Volume- Before the China fud this coin was rising with 30 million volume. All transacted pretty much one one exchange. The only other coins that have gotten that kind of volume before are all now sitting within the top 20. The china FUD shot a bullet in the baloon and this has given the chance for anyone who wants to invest a golden moment.
10) Logo- This might be my smallest point, but quality projects have quality logos. This isn't something drawn up by some cowboy, it's a distinctive, well created logo. Look up something like safex if you want to see a disaster of a logo and general images.
Bonus: Walton tokens are going to be taken out of circulation for a year due to the refund thus rising the price a little bit of each token.
Now, based on the indicators, you might say: What if China bans all projects? Loopring is re-listing, Neo continued to list on exchanges- the show is somehow going on, albeit hopping on one leg for now. China will not destroy it's own tech industry and let the competition get ahead- they merely want to have some control over it. Their best and brightest would leave and go to other countries to work there if they couldnt continue their projects in China. I gather arguments and evidence and draw conclusions based on rational arguments. The one thing holding them back is the air of FUD and their self imposed silence.
We are one positive annoucement away from skyrocketing.
My price prediction: 40 dollars by years end. 100 dollars in march. This is also being slighty conservative. Any good news for bitcoin plus FOMO will probably send it higher quicker.
All feedback welcome!
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WeLocal Bounty Campaign - Earn for Participating

Welocal Bounty Campaign General overview of WeLocal bounty campaign

Below is the general overview of what you can do to participate in the WeLocal bounty campaign and receive your rewards. Most of the campaign revolves around sharing of information about WLC through social media channels. It involves users using their accounts on the most popular social media platforms and their posts, comments, repostings containing links to official WLC resources may entitle them to rewards; some of the activity that could get you rewards
The WeLocal bounty campaign will begin on March 26th and will run for 10 weeks.
The total bounty bonus to be paid to all participants will be 2% of the total amount of coins distributed during that time.
Base requirements for all participants
1. User must register at network.welocal.com
2. Create WLC account

Introductory Campaign (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, SteemIt, Medium, Telegram)

Qualifications and requirements
  1. Join official groups and like our recent posts
  2. Download your wallet and create your WLC account (using online wallet is acceptable but not recommended)
  3. Register your account at network.welocal.com
What would you get?
50 WLC
How to claim your reward
Submit your claim through internal messaging on network.welocal.com with your Manager
Report form

Social media campaign (FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, SteemIt, Medium)

Account requirements, stakes and rules
Must be your real, original page, with avatar and actual information about you. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted. Should have at least 100 real friends/followers.
Budget - 15% of the total budget of the campaign.
  1. Minimum 3 but not more than 21 shares per week.
  2. Maximum 1 share within 2 hours and not more than 4 shares within 24 hours.
  3. Participants must like WeLocal’s page and share/like posts.
  4. Shares/posts must have a link to the WeLocal.com, WeLocal registration page or telegram group and at least 3 of the following hashtags: #WeLocal #StableCoin #Blockchain #BitCoin #Ethereum #Crowdfunding #Decentralized #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #WLC #ICO #invest #tokensale
  5. All shared articles must also be liked.
  6. Anything shared that is older than 3 days, will not be counted.
  7. Any post containing nonsense will not be counted and may disqualify you from participation.
  8. If you can't find any new posts from our official Facebook account, kindly make a short post about WeLocal and use all of our official hashtags + our website link.
  9. Do not quote or edit a previous post.
  10. Terms and Condition can be changed or added.
100-499 Followers/Friends: 1 stake per share+like
500-1499 Followers/Friends: 2 stakes per share+like
1500-2999 Followers/Friends: 4 stakes per share+like
3000-4999 Followers/Friends: 6 stakes per share+like
5000+ Followers/Friends: 8 stakes per share+like
Double the stakes for a thoughtful original post related to WeLocal
Must be your original, real Twitter account. Fake, dead, inactive and bot accounts will not be accepted. Should have at least 200 followers. Your twitter audit (https://www.twitteraudit.com/) score must be equal to at least 85% and only real followers will count.
Budget - 15% of the total budget of the campaign.
1. Minimum 3 tweets/retweets per week. with no more than 21 per week.
2. Maximum 1 tweet/retweet within 2 hours and no more than 4 tweets/retweets within 24 hours.
3. Must follow official Welocal Twitter account.
4. Tweets/retweets must have at least 3 of these hashtags: #Welocal #Stablecoin #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Crowdfunding #Decentralized #Cryptocurrency #Crypto #WLC #ICO #invest #tokensale and have a link to the WeLocal.com, WeLocal registration page or telegram group
5. You can retweet WeLocal’s tweets or create your own content by using YouTube channel, blog, etc., with links to anything related to Welocal.
6. All retweeted tweets must also be liked.
7. Retweeting anything older than 3 days will NOT be counted.
8. Do not quote or edit previous posts. It will not be counted.
9. Terms and Condition can be changed or added.
200-749 followers: 1 stake per tweet/retweet
750-1499 followers: 2 stakes per tweet/retweet
1500-4999 followers: 4 stakes per tweet/retweet
5000-9999 followers: 6 stakes per tweet/retweet
10000+ followers: 8 stakes per tweet/retweet
Double the stakes for a thoughtful original Tweet related to WeLocal
Must be real account with avatar and subscribed to our YouTube channel. Must upvote and comment our videos.
Budget - 5% of the total budget of the campaign.
1 upvote = 1 stake (One per video)
1 comment = 2 stakes (One per video)
1 helpful answer to a comment = 2 stakes (up to 5)
Real account with avatar, to comment official WLC threads. Your account should be at least 20 days old and have at least 30 posts or comments karma. To create new threads - 50+ post karma (thread/post must contain links to WLC site and official thread)
Budget - 10% of the total budget of the campaign.
  1. Must befriend user: WeLocal
  2. Must subscribe to subreddit: WeLocal
  3. External posts should link to either WeLocal.com Website, registration page or telegram group.
  4. Any kind of spam will not be rewarded.
  5. For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in the official subreddit, or cryptocurrency related subreddits like bitcoin, ethereum, ethtrader, icocrypto, cryptocurrency
  6. UpVote WeLocal related posts
  7. Must have at least 3 upvotes per week, but no more than 1 within 1 hour will be counted, no more than 4 per 24 hours or 21 per week
  8. Must have at least 3 posts or comments per week, but not more than 3 within 24 hours will be counted and not more than 1 per hour and no more than 21 per week
1 upvote = 1 stake
1 comment = 2 stakes
1 post/share = 10 stakes
Submitting Welocal related story to other subreddits with 100 to 500 readers = 20 stakes
Submitting Welocal related story to other subreddits with 501 to 1500 readers = 30 stakes
Submitting Welocal related story to other subreddits with 1501 to 3000 readers = 40 stakes
Submitting Welocal related story to other subreddits with 3001 + readers = 50 stakes
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 50 upvotes +10%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 250 upvotes +25%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 500 upvotes +50%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 1000 upvotes +100%
Bonus stakes will be awarded based on users Karama at least 100 +10%
Bonus stakes will be awarded based on users Karama at least 500 +20%
Bonus stakes will be awarded based on users Karama at least 1000 +25%
Bonus stakes will be awarded based on users Karama at least 2500 +35%
Bonus stakes will be awarded based on users Karama at least 10000 +50%
Bonus stakes will be awarded to users with minimum of 100 posts in Crypto related subreddits +25%
Must be real account with avatar, to comment and like official WLC posts. Accounts with fake followers will not be paid. Your account should be at least 20 days old. have at least 5 followers and 5 posts.
Budget - 7% of the total budget of the campaign.
1. Participants must follow and stay on WeLocal's steemit account until the end of campaign.
2. Participants must share and upvote WeLocal posts to relevant social media outlets
3. Participants can add helpful comments
4. Should not share any posts that are more than 3 days old.
5. If participant has nothing to repost can create his own original post.
Reward will depend on followers.
Following WeLocal official account = 1 stake/week
resteemit to 25-100 followers: 1 stake + upvote.
resteemit to 101-500 followers: 2 stakes + upvote.
resteemit to 501-1500 followers: 3 stakes + upvote.
resteemit to 1501-3000 followers: 4 stakes + upvote.
resteemit to 3001 - 5000 followers: 6 stakes + upvote.
resteemit to 5001 - 10000 followers: 8 stakes + upvote.
resteemit to 10001 + followers: 10 stakes + upvote.
Minimum 3 shares/upvotes per week
Maximum 4 shares/upvotes per day, but not more than 1 per hour and not more than 21 shares/upvotes per week
1 comment = 2 stakes (One per article)
1 helpful answer to a comment = 2 stakes (up to 5)
1 helpful original post about WeLocal = 20 stakes
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 10 upvotes +5%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 50 upvotes +10%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 100 upvotes +25%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 250 upvotes +50%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 500 upvotes +100%
Bonus stakes will be awarded if comment or post receives at least 1000 upvotes +200%
Must be real account with avatar, to comment and like official WLC posts. Your account should have at least 5 followers and 5 claps.
Budget - 3% of the total budget of the campaign.
1 upvote = 1 stake (One per article)
1 comment = 2 stakes (One per article)
1 helpful answer to a comment = 2 stakes (up to 5)
1 share WeLocal and relevant posts = 3 stakes
Performance Tracking
Need to submit the form with user ID; links to all your accounts that participated in bounty campaign; links to all shares you did - posts, comments, threads, videos; your WLC wallet number *

*your WLC wallet number (you can find it in your WLC wallet after you login into your account)

Report form

Telegram & Skype campaign

Qualifications and requirements Must be your real account, with avatar, to comment and help moderate the official channel.
  1. Join the official group: Telegram, Skype
  2. Use our avatar + welocal.com name extension.
  3. Nick | WeLocal.com|
  4. Enter status “It pays to use WeLocal!”.
  5. Provide helpful information to new users.
Budget - 7% of the total budget of the campaign.
Join the Telegram: 1 Stake per week
1 Stake per 5 messages in the chat by regular participant.
Be promoted to moderator: 25 Stakes
1 Stake per 2 messages in the chat by moderator.
Minimum 5 but no more than 20 messages per week for each regular participant.
Maximum 1 messages within 1 hour and no more than 5 within 24 hours for each regular participant.
Minimum 5 but no more than 40 messages per week for each moderator.
Maximum 3 messages within 1 hour and no more than 15 within 24 hours for each moderator.
Messages should be relevant and helpful to the discussion of the topic.
Performance Tracking
Need to submit the form with user ID and link to profile. Have correct avatar, name extention and status. Time and copy of the message (if any) and WeLocal account number *
*your WLC wallet number (you can find it in your WLC wallet after you login into your account)
Report form

Signature, Avatar and personal text (BitCoinTalk campaign)

Qualifications and requirements
Reward will depends on the user level, but must be at least Jr. Member.
1. Signature, avatar and personal text must be kept until the stakes have been calculated after the end of the campaign plus about a week for these calculations to be finished and spreadsheet was updated with your final post count. Removing a signature before the end of the post count will simply disqualify you.
2. A minimum of 15 meaningful posts per week must be made during this period. Off-topic, spam and meaningless posts will not be counted.
3. Posts in the off-topic threads will not get counted and spamming and trolling of all kinds will simply get the participant disqualified. Posts should be made in “Alternate cryptocurrencies” or “Trading Discussion” sections of the forum (but NOT the bounties sections).
4. Eligible posts must be 85 Character Long.
5. The content of the signatures maybe be modified up to two times during the campaign and updating it is a required for all participants. Thus, it is required to provide a valid email address with your registration form so the updates can be provided to you.
6. Terms and Condition can be changed or added if necessary.
15% of the total budget, will be distributed among all participants of “Signature, Avatar and personal text Bounty”
  • Jr. Member: 1 stake/week
  • Member: 2 stakes/week
  • Full Member: 3 stake/week
  • Sr. Member: 5 stake/week
  • Hero/Legendary: 7 stake/week
Bonus: Each member can receive additional 20% stake (up to 100%) for 3 additional messages (above 15) specifically in WeLocal thread by providing helpful comments, information and answers about WeLocal.
Performance Tracking
  1. Add avatar with logo and signature, personal message.link to avatar
  2. Add avatar, signature and description of WeLocal to profile.
  3. Needs to apply and submit report (fill in this form) and declare user ID, Time, BTT UserName, URL, Member Rank, WLC account*

*your WLC wallet number (you can find it in your WLC wallet after you login into your account)

Report form

Content creation campaign (Video, Blogging, Articles)

Content created must be original. It must be about WeLocal. As an example it may include the following topics that explain the idea of WeLocal, it's advantages, how people can use it, why people should participate in it etc.
20% of the total budget will be distributed among all participants of “Content creation campaign”
Qualifications and requirements
  1. All the videos or articles must be published online and accessible by everyone.
  2. You can use official images, logos, graphics posted on welocal website, official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  3. To prove ownership of your blog or media you must add your WeLocal userID or Bitcointalk profile link in your blog or video description.
  4. The blog/forum you post it in must be focused on a relevant topic.
  5. Blogs/forums/videos in languages other than English may also be accepted
  6. Compensation will depend on the quality of content and amount of viewers.
  7. Video should have minimum length of 2 minutes or text should be longer than 500 words.
  8. At a minimum it must have 2 links to the site, WP, registration page and official telegram channel.
  9. Material presented must be original.
  10. It should fulfil the goal of educating the public about WeLocal
  11. Reposting to one more relevant site will give an extra 50% of stakes. Only one repost per article is allowed. Articles of superb quality may be reposted to official site, youtube channel and will bring in additional stakes.
  12. Special bonuses for video/text that would reach 5K views goes viral
OK content is 1 stake
Good content is 2 stakes
High quality is 3 stakes
500 views - will give you 1 more stake
1 500 - will give you 2 more stakes
3 000 - will give you 3 more stakes
5 000 - will give you 5 more stakes
10 000 - will give you 7 more stakes
Performance Tracking
Need to submit the form with user ID and profile link, number of followers, and link to the post, blog, article or video and WeLocal account number *
*your WLC wallet number (you can find it in your WLC wallet after you login into your account)
Report form

Bounty Referral Campaign (AnyWhere)

Qualifications and requirements
If you know of any people who may be interested in participating in our bounty campaign and/or later participate in our ecosystem then this invitation is for you. You’ll make % of what they will bring to the system up to 4 levels deep. Plus receive 25 coins for each invited friend.
What would you get?
25 WLC
Performance Tracking
Need to submit the form with user ID and list of users who joined. Users who joined must have their profiles filled out with a minimum of social network accounts confirmed or minimum deposit made and your WeLocal account number*
*your WLC wallet number (you can find it in your WLC wallet after you login into your account)
Report form

Best Bounty Hunter Challenge (AnyWhere)

Qualifications and requirements
Are you one of the best or do you know one of the best? Than this challenge and REWARD is for you. If the group (that will grow based on your effort) were to become top 5%, 15% or 35% in that week you would be entitled to receive a part of additional referral bonus distribution based on the TOTAL growth of the system in that period.
What would you get?
1% of the total amount of WLC sold for the period will be distributed proportionally to 5% of the best producers of that period. (THAT’S LIKE MAKING UP TO 28% FROM EACH INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE)
1% of the total amount of WLC sold for the period will be distributed proportionally to next 10% of the best producers of the WeLocal ecosystem (15% of the best producers less 5% of the very best). (THAT’S LIKE MAKING UP TO 18% FROM EACH INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE)
1% of the total amount of WLC sold for the period will be distributed proportionally to the next 20% of the best producers of the WeLocal ecosystem (35% of the best producers less 15% of the very best). (THAT’S LIKE MAKING UP TO 13% FROM EACH INDIVIDUAL PURCHASE)
Performance Tracking
Internal calculations

Build your followers base (AnyWhere)

Qualifications and requirements
Do you want to participate in different bounty programs but you don't have enough followers? Than this invitation is for you. Join our franchise program and build your influencer network based on up to 750,000 active people FOR LIFE
What would you get?
By joining our franchise program and by inviting other people to join it too you would be able to build huge followers base (more than 750,000) in your choice of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other. Can you imaging how influential your voice would like with such a big followers base.
Performance Tracking
Internal calculations
If you wish to organize local event or have other ideas how to promote WeLocal, get in touch with us and let us know ideas. Rewards will be negotiated on a case by case basis.
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While Waiting for Ethereum to Moon: FontAwsome needs a push to include an Ethereum logo

Many months ago (around 1B marketcap [we've come a long way]) community members tried to get an Ethereum logo into the FontAwesome icon font. Over 40B marketcap later, and still no love. Little things like these, obviously, aren't critically important, but they do give the community more convenient tools for spreading awareness. I, for one, very much dislike being limited to a Bitcoin icon for the cryptocurrency donation page on https://www.CallMeGwei.com ... I've talked to a few other content creators that share similar frustrations.
Let's be real: we're never going to have time to do this kind of housekeeping when we're out buying lambos - so if everyone, including YOU, could donate just a few minutes of your time and upvote (thumbs up) this issue on Github right now, that would be awesome.
Together, we got the Ethereum logo fixed on the Google info card in a matter of days. I've personally been asking companies to include options for Ethereum (like in Gravatar profiles, for instance) wherever Bitcoin is an option. They are surprisingly open to these suggestions. Toshi told me they'd consider adding Ether Name Service support - after a single Tweet.
Let's keep spreading OUR network.
Thank you all.
submitted by CallMeGWei to ethtrader [link] [comments]

AMA 3-9-2018 Summary

Answered by Loucineh:
Q1: AMA question: Is quant planning to build a microsoft azure connector? And if so, does quant have had any talks/meetings with the id2020 project?
A1: Hi Guys, in terms of connectors - I haven't heard the Tech Team reference the Azure connector yet. Hyperledger is already in though - it's part of the four connectors. That's not to say azure won't be in the next iteration. I can ask for more info on that. And Gilbert will join shortly.
Q2: AMA Question: How someone will earn with his/her MAPP ? On AppStore, devs. sell their apps. Do we ve any details regarding this? I mean what will be the charm to develop a MAPP?
A2: That's correct. There is more detail in the business and technical whitepaper on the MApps store. Our goal is for it to be a flexible approach and to empower developers not to hinder them. We will release more info closer to the launch of the MApp Store which is due in 2019.
Q3: Are there more than 2 blockchains already connected to overledger?
A3: Correct - Ripple, Hyperledger, Ethereum and Bitcoin.
Q4: Since the roadmap isn't update anymore, and we investors don't know exact dates. We cannot look for specific dates for what will be released. Could you clarify us when we see the open SDK and GoVerify to be launched? Also mentioned some months ago, September will be the month we see new exchanges and the fortune 500 company's. Are there any partnerships confirmed to be released in September? Same for exchanges ?
A4: Sure - we are working on everything in paralell but once we deliver the working tech we can then share how our clients are using it, what real world solutions it's actually being applied to - that's what I'm really excited but I'm hesitant to say that will be 100% in September - it may take a little longer but regardless that is still our goal and that is what we are going to deliver.
Q5: Good afternoon BTWWhat we are all very keen to explore is quant health? Any bits of info that we can then go off and research ourselves yet?
A5: Sure - healthcare is kind of big. Gilbert referenced it when he spoke at the National Press Club if you read over his speech on medium. It's big because it encompasses governments as well as enterprise clients. There is a mulitide of ways Overledger will be of value in healthcare. From helping secure their global supply chains to helping pharma companies with managing clinical trials recruitments, to pricing and global health financing, to helping hospital networks with their data management - it's a huge opportunity and one thst we are passionate sbout and experienced in. We will go into some detail on the new website which will go live in the next week so you can read more about it there too.
Q6: I had a few questions throughout the week regarding Github commits? Will the Github platform be utilized more frequently in the future?
A6: Possibly but we are also getting ready to launch our own Quant Developer Hub which is a great resource for devs and it will have a forum funciton too where they can post questions, download resources etc.
Q7: Thanks looking forward to it. The NHS here has been notorious with IT wastage on systems that still don't connect fully.Even just tackling our domestic issues could be a game changer.
A7: Exaaaaactly. Healthcare wastage is such a massive issue. In the US they estimate it's about 1 in 3 dollars spent. And lack of interoperability is something that healthcare sectors all too well and they are very enthusiastic to see that change and use technology to their advantage. I think there is misconception that they may be reluctant but we are seeing that healthcare are far more early aopters than even Fintech sector.

Q8: Are ye making much progress onboarding clients for Quant Health?
A8: We are indeed but that's all I'm saying for now
Q9: Are you able to talk to specific initial use cases for QH? I recall you mentioning you were preparing an article. Will that be appearing on the web site next week or will you publish it elsewhere?
A9: Both - the article is a bit of summary that will go on Medium. On the website, we will go into specifics like for example - we take clinical trial process and explain how overledger will expedite and simplify that process and the potential cost savings. I'm also planning to host a roundtable discussion with some external stakehodlers from public and private a sector and talk about some fo the biggest issues their facing in healthcare and how DLT and specifically Overledger can help. A lot more to come.

Q10: is Paolo Tasca still with team? Gil is doing a great job but Paolo is a powerhouse in his own right. Would like to see him speaking on behalf of Quant, leading or detailing economic research, etc
A10: We acutally are discussions regarding a research collab Paolo and UCL at the moment.

Q11: Will Quant, with the rebranding get a new name
A11: No - same name, still QNT - just new visual branding assets etc.
Q12: i notice overledger.com is redirected to quant health, will it be separately developed as such a strong brand and domain
A12: Yeah so part of branding process was building out the hierachy and how we visualise the coprorate brand Quant Network and how the products and verticals fall within that - so actually it will have it's own logo as well. It's all aligned and has the same look and feel but it gives it can also stand alone. Same for GoVerify.
Answered by Gilbert:
Q1: Problem with healthcare is privacy and GDPR right? These guys -https://www.dovetaillab.com/ - are also based in London and doing a good job (£1M research grant from NHS). Saw a presentation by Gilbert on the same day they were presenting in London so sure he is also aware of their work. Looking forward to reading about quant health solutions. There was an interesting paper on data sharing in healthcare published on blockchain in healthcare today using cosmos architecture.
A1: Yep I know the founder of Dovetail and we have had a few discussions about health

Q2: We have been trying to tease info about quant health care out of Loucineh. Would love for us to make our name domestically tackling NHS wastage
A2: Coming from Health, the whole idea for Overledger came from my time as CISO of Health, it is a big sector to tackle. We're looking at it strategically to help tackle and solve problems that can be solved, more specifically use cases.
Q3: How soon might you reasonably expect the first decent size adoption of Overledger by a healthcare-related entity? What’s the biggest hurdle you face in persuading healthcare organisations to adopt a blockchain solution?
A3: We have 2 PoC's in Health being lined up. Expect to complete by the end of the year. The biggest hurdle was senior management buy-in. When we met, the CEO wanted blockchain tested and loved our interoperable approach because they can re-use what they've already got. The hardest bit is integrating with existing systems. It's very difficule to implement new solutions without affecting live service, especially in mission critical environments like hospitals and healthcare. Luckily, our approach is simple and lightweight.

Q4: Great stuff! How can we, the community, help Quant achieve this?
A4: Thank you! We need to create a bigger ecosystem and community around Overledger. We need people to start working the technology and coming up with great ideas and use cases and solve existing challenges! We can't wait to see what you'll build with Overledger!

Gilbert: Sorry all, have to drop off in 2 mins. Have a meeting with DHS now
Also said (by Gilbert):
All, we want to give away a ticket to Blockchain Live on the 26th September in London.
As a speaker, I can invite you to receive a Full Access Pass (usually £900 at full price). We're going to pick one person randomly who provides the best real-world use case on how you can use Overledger in your organisation. You must provide your real name and work email and send to [email protected] by 7th September 5pm (BST). Good luck!!
Hope to help you all out! If I missed something, let me know !
submitted by MysticFlare to QuantNetwork [link] [comments]

AMA session with PopulStay’s Founder & CEO - Dr. Walter

The Very First AMA of PopulStay Telegram Community Was Held Successfully on Nov. 30, 2018

We are very pleased to have PopulStay’s Founder & CEO Dr. Walter here to give the community an AMA(ask me anything). After the warming up- I say “Popul” you say “Stay”, the AMA begins. The host of this AMA is Hugo Mayer. Here are the questions and answers in the AMA:

The part of Dr. Walter and Hugo’s Q&A:
Q1:What kind of block chain platform is PopulStay, Dr. Walter? Asked by Hugo
A1:Hello we start with Ethereum, because it is so far most mature and decentralised blockchain platform. Answered by Dr. Walter.
Hugo: Yes, Dr. Walter, just like many other startups.
Q2: Can you introduce the founder team? What was the original purpose of creating this project?
A2: I am serial entreprenuer with extensive experience in home sharing business, our partners all have passion in renovating the existing platform. As for the original purpose of creating this project, I have hosting experience and I believe in a peer to peer home sharing world.
Hugo: Yes, I know you are the host in Airbnb for 5 years. So experienced and professional in this area.
Q3: What are the advantages of PopulStay compared with centralized platform?
A3: The benefit is saving the booking fee, and get the digital shares of the platform if people hold token.
Hugo: That sounds very good! People hate fee.😜
Senthil: Thats great, has a chance to get digital shares of the platform.
Akotovin: Pay lesser.. how about transaction? how fast is it?
Q4: Then as a tourist, what different experience will PopulStay bring us? 😁Eager to know this. I am to get my luggage packed.
A4: Imagine you can have a video call with your future host.
Hugo(sings): Hello hello baby you call I can’t hear a thing.
Q5: As a “landlord”, apart from getting more profits, what services can PopulStay bring to them?
Ák: Greatest question sir, hopefully some lease plans? 🤑😂
Akotovin: Yeah..nice Hugo ask that thing.
A5: Good questions, you can make friends with cryto believers and you can make video call with them before you meet them. You may like him/her or dislike him/her before you allow him/her to stay at your house. We allow peer to peer communication/verification before make a booking. Airbnb and all other booking platform never allow you.
Hugo: We can make friends all over the world! An innovation! Nice idea!
Q6: Members of the community would like to know about the incubation of PopulStay by block chain accelerator in Tokyo. Could you tell us more about it?
A6: Good, they help us connect the potential real estate partners, investors like Sony, Softbanks and so on. Provide us market access in japan.
Q7: And who are the partners of the project?
A7: We have blockchain partners and business partners. Blockchain parterners are those promising public chain like Jura Networks, Matrix Network and etc. Business parterners are those who can provide properties and believe in our vision
Q8: We were told that PopulStay received investment from many institutions at the end of June this year. Could you tell us something about it?
A8: We got seed round investment from Bitmain, Qtum, crypto capital, Jove capital, Handsom capital and insight capital, enough for the next 1–2 years expense.
Q9: Thanks a lot, Dr. Walter. And the last two question: What is the planning schedule of the PopulStay project?
A9: We will recuit our genesis populstay host and guest from next month onwards, and we will open to the community to use our platform from December, from 2019 onwards, we will focus more on two sides: business development and user experience of the product.
Hugo: That sounds perfect.
Q10: And the last question: How is the progress of the project?
A10: This year is super busy, we achive a lot, from the idea to the team of 25 people, all in one heart to deliver the next home sharing platform. We are proud of what we achived.
Hugo: So promising, i am excited to hear this.
Katakuri: I want to know your personal history, such as age, education history, experience. 😱
Dr. Walter: You can check my linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/cytoyue/
The part of Free Questions:
Asked by Akotovin:
Q1: How different PopulStay to other ICO?
Answered by Dr. Walter: A great and real team behind, dedicated to deliver product no matter market price. Token not listed yet.
Added by Senthil: Thats true, project is driven by team not price.
Q2: What security features PopulStay has?
Q3: Is there any Countries excluded in KYC?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Yes, Asian like China, Singapore, Korea, Japan are excluded, there are a list.
Q4: Is there different type of cards will be given to all holders..?or same?
Asked by TT s:
What’s the advantage of your team?
Asked by Kerryglobal123:
What is advantages of IEO? Why not Ico?
Answered by Dr. Walter: We are in talk with a few top 20 exchagns in the world
Asked by Reginald Darwin:
What is the price of pps?
Asked by color Bright:
Q1: Still recruiting?
Q2: Can Indians Play?
Q3: Can private equity funds be returned?
Q4: Is there a membership mechanism?
Q5: Are all currencies the same?
Q6: Will there be any harm? Like eating wind?
Q7: Warmly speaking, is currency worth fun? Futures itself is a life-threatening thing with great uncertainty.
Q8: Is a small amount of investment OK?
Q9: Is the value of Chinese currency the same as that of foreign countries?
Asked by TT s:
Q1: Is high profit as hosting?
Q2: Can Malysia stay?
Q3: When will populstay Dapp be launched?
Answered by Dr. Walter: End of 2019.
TT s: What DAPP will be? contains all traval information? or just house info?
Asked by INNOCENT:
Hi, sir. please do you have any plans for smart locks in the automobile industry?
Asked by 夜柳:
Q1: Have you been doing anything lately?
Q2: What Do you Think of the currently bear market? Does bear market affect Populstay’s progress?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Bear market affect the whole industry I think, if the ETH drop to 0 or Bitcoin drop to 0, the blockchain industry is gone. This will never happen. In the past 9 years, the media reported 167 times of dead bitcoin, but it become stronger and stronger.
Hugo: Good project is always to win the game.
Dr. Walter: This is the same with Ehtereum, a lot people say it will goes to ZERO, but I do not think so. ETH is improving and evolving itself also. Look at the devcon conference every year.
Akotovin: Will recover the soonest.
Ák: That’s very true sir, we believe the same.
Senthil: Thats perfect answer. Whenever it goes down, it will come back much stronger✌️🏻
夜柳:I wonder what can I do here.
Dr. Walter: Let’s hug.
Q3: Are there any private or public offerings?
Q4: Is there any nationality requirement for this project?
Q5: Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q6: Changes in business and technology always move forward in controversy. Will PopulStay be better than the current platform?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Good question. We are improving on below points:
  1. better booking experience
  2. more social network function
  3. lower booking fee
  4. be part of project by holding our token (aka digital shares)
Q7: Whats the reason you launched Populstay?
Answered by Dr. Walter: I believe in that when the trust issues is solved by blockchain technology, the peer to peer home sharing is coming.
Q8: Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q9: You type so fast.
Answered by Dr. Walter: I was a programmer.
Q10: When will Populstay be listed on exchange?
Answered by Dr. Walter: 2019
Maggie Mei: which exchange?
Dr. Walter: Top 20.
Toxic灬Mo: Which exchange is confirmed?
Dr. Walter: still confidential. For your information, I am part of Huobi ecosystem btw.
Asked by Kartukuri:
Q1: Why do you use the platform from ethereum. while there are many platform examples of stellar etc.
Answered by Dr. Walter: It is so far proven the most secure platform.
Katakuri: Yes recently I heard there is a bug in ethereum. Which can drain tokens?
Q2: Hi, Are there future plans to make the platform itself like Tron?
Asked by Ák:
Q1: Are you’ll going to implement your own blockchain very soon?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Not at the moment, we are discussing with Tron and EOS ecosystem, no need to reinvent the wheel.
Ák: Ok, thank you sir, good luck.
Akotovin: Wow.. so transparent.. i like it..
Q2: Will this blockchain have any ukulele chord and notes based calculations or computations?
Asked by Louis:
Whats the reason you launched Populstay?
Asked by Walkingalonedad:
What is the meaning of “ populstay” and logo?
Asked by David Sun:
Q1: What do you think of this bad market?
Q2: What’s populstay purpose?
Q3: What pain points do you want to solve?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Poor booking experience, high booking fee, bad checkin experience and can not share the growth of the platform.
TT s: Why it will be cheaper? by using Blockchain technology?
Dr. Walter: By our business model design, we charge 1.5% fees, and share 1.5% fee of each booking to the community.
Q4: How are you going to allocate it?
Q5: What is the proportion of the project team?
Asked by Senthil:
Q1: I love the Logo of Populstay, looks similar to Snails. Its really represent this projects vision — A snail’s shell is like a home it carries around on its back.
Who is the man behind this idea and logo design?
Katakuri: Yes, snails run very slowly, what about the project. What about the horse logo? 😂
Hugo: Tiny but promising!
Senthil: Slow and win the race😜
Katakuri: Yeah like a fairy tale about snails and monkeys.
Ák: Someday snails will evolve into beautiful turtles…
Answered by Dr. Walter: Snail carries a home on mobile, this is how the travellers looks like, we are tiny beings, and we love to explore, and we will grow while we travel. Thanks for your comments.
Senthil: First congratz for inventing smart-locks and won several awards. I heard the product Smart-lock will be safety for Guests, where they can purchase it? Is it available with hosts?
Dr. Walter: Yes.
Senthil: So, we can expect listing in Huobi after token sale🚀🚀🚀😍😍😍
Dr. Walter: We need many people like you to contribute to our project.
Toxic灬Mo: I think I’ll keep my eye on it.
Walkingalonedad: What is the price of smart lock?
Dr. Walter: 99 USD excluding shipping fee for our telegram users.
Toxic灬Mo: A complete system, the attitude of management team is very important.
Senthil: Smart-Locks looks good and looks like it can be fixed on any kind of doors.
TT s: Can we buy smart lock in the market?
Dr. Walter: Not at the moment, we will release on Amazon on 1st Jan 2019, stay tuned.
夜柳:Looking forward to your project.
Dr. Walter: if you buy then, please inform me and say you are our community users, then we will give you discount.
夜柳:Looking forward to supporting its future projects.
TT s: How much it will be ?
Dr. Walter: 149 USD.
Senthil: Thats really cool. Many more good news coming then. MVP in next month, Smart-lock ready to purchase from Jan. Populstay gonna rock soon🚀🚀
Asked by sun jiahui:
Q1:Do you see the potential of the tourism industry?
Q2: Is there a beta version of the project?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Yes,we plan to release the MVP next month, stay tuned. Meanwhile, we are actively looking for hosts and guest, please do join us.
Raymond Roosevelt: Do you mean December?
Dr. Walter: Yes, we are at the final stage of testing, it is MVP, not perfect, but enough to show the community to collect feeback. Also please bear in mind that Airbnb has 100 engineers to develop their project, but we only have 7.
Q2: How do you see the current bear market?
Q3: Where is the project now?
Answered by Dr. Walter: We are deliver MVP next month.
Asked by Dongtamduytan:
Q1: Blockchain is immutable, how do you resolve with people give bad rating to decrease rebutation of host?
Q2: China is the biggest market for any project, do you have plan to enter this market in future?
Q3: Do you think you can beat Airnbnb? Why Airbnb can enter China, and you can’t?
Answered by Dr. Walter: In 10 years yes.
Asked by Raymond Roosevelt:
When will Populstay be listed on exchange?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Once there are 10,000 active memebers who Join our platform, so I expect in the next 3 months? Our platform means our product not the telegram group:)
Asked by Colbert Milton:
Have you invested in any projects recently?
Answered by Dr. Walter: Not yet.
Q1: Can I participate in this project?
Dr. Walter: As host, or guest or investor or ambassdor?
Q2: Are there any special requirements or restrictions?
Q3: Such as nationality? How much?
Q4: When is the public offering?
Q5: Are there any rewards for inviting more people?
Dr. Walter: Yes, token incentive
Q6: Is there a private placement?
Q7: Is PPS on the exchange?
Asked by Maggie Mei:
It will be cheaper pay by PPS than USD?
Hugo: Thanks a lot our dear CEO. Time is up.
Dr. Walter: Thank you everyone! Have a lovely day!

Thank Dr. Walter to participate in this AMA, good communicating to the community. Let us know more about PopulStay. Wish the project PopulStay success! As Dr. Walter said: In ten years, beat Airbnb! We want to see this happen as a community member! Go! PopulStay!
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Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) #1 - Beginning SUNDAY NIGHT CHARTS - LET'S TALK BITCOIN, LITECOIN, ETHEREUM Lets Talk About Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency In 2020 Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) #54 - Bob Summerwill of ETH Project - On ETC & ETH Cooperating Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) #9 - Conversation With Alan McSherry

Bitcoin drops 28% below $10,000 on Coinbase; ethereum crashes 30% in 24 hours: 01/16/18: 4: Digital robbery. Why bitcoin likely crashed-- buyers beware of ethereum- dont buy or trade it-05/27/17: 5: Bitcoin and Ethereum are 'cannibalizing' gold (and silver) 07/10/17: 6: Stock trading app Robinhood to launch bitcoin, ethereum trading in five ... Ethereum is flexible, scalable, and allows for fast decision-making. On the other side, Bitcoin scripts are limited. Bitcoin-based projects increase transparency and trust, and their currencies have a limited token supply. Ethereum advances faster and offers immense potential for growth, stability and different business models. Both blockchain ... Today, I’m going to talk about the top 10 coolest cryptocurrency logo designs. Since I’m a graphic artist, one of things that captivated me about the cryptocurrency world is the logo design of the crypto coins. I always thought that cryptocurrency logos display some of the most awesome and unique logo designs out there. Which is why in this ... In fact, you can t buy LTBc from Let s Talk Bitcoin! However, everyone and anyone who participates in the Let s Talk Bitcoin Network (LTBn) is rewarded and distributed LTBc based on their participation in the network. Content creators receive the most amount of LTBc for their efforts but anyone can submit content (blog posts, podcasts and videos). Similar to eBay s value proposition, 2.25 ... High quality Bitcoin gifts and merchandise. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

[index] [24746] [18593] [23794] [16574] [13847] [9368] [47877] [34348] [28757] [10880]

Let's Talk ETC! (Ethereum Classic) #1 - Beginning

Sunday Night Requests - Let's talk Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and chart you want to see - Duration: 1:45:36. Jim of All Trades 304 views. 1:45:36. LIVE BITCOIN ANALYSIS - Sunday Night Chart ... Let's Talk ETC! provides timely news about ETC (Ethereum Classic) and related technologies including: Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchains and more. Feel free to leave requests, questions and comments ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search Let's Talk ETC! provides timely news about ETC (Ethereum Classic) and related technologies including: Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchains and more. Feel free to leave requests, questions and comments ... Let's Talk ETC! provides timely news about ETC (Ethereum Classic) and related technologies including: Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchains and more. Feel free to leave requests, questions and comments ...